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Cherry Audio PS-20 [WiN]

The Cherry Audio CA2600 Synthesizer is a powerful, self-contained duophonic synthesizer inspired by the groundbreaking ARP 2600 synthesizer. Every aspect of the original, from the quirky oscillator waves to the powerful ladder filter, to the external audio input and preamp section was modelled with tremendous precision.

Cherry Audio PS-20 [WiN]

I enjoyed programming some of my own sounds with Mercury-4, but there are many already included for you to enjoy as well. The sound itself is very good, especially when using the included oversampling feature while rendering the audio in your DAW. The price is especially good, just as it is with many of their other products. It retails for $39 USD and a 30-day demo version is also available. If you purchase this synth plugin, then you can buy their new Stardust 201 tape echo plugin for just $10 USD (it normally is $19).

The strange thing about audio books is the play time of the book and the page length of the book are not directly correlated. Boys In The Boat took 14 hours 25 minutes to listen to and it is 416 pages. A Year In Provence took 2 hours and 52 minutes to listen to and the book is 224 pages. I think it may have to do with the fact that the audio book version of A Year In Provence we listened to is abridged.

The situational book is a great experience. I read Inferno last summer as we went through Switzerland and Italy. It made Florence just that much more epic.Audio Books are the #1 best way to reduce frustration while driving through bad traffic! Stay in one lane, listen to the book, and read two books a week!Have you tried turning up the speed of the book? You can go up to 3x. Its like speed reading.You can also sync it with your kindle, so if you own the ebook version and the audio, they will sync so you can listen, read, listen.

Never made the leap to use them.Odd as coming out of my pirate radio days I ran the Wash State Regional Library for the Blind and did community sourced audio books for the sight impaired people throughout the state.I used to send our sightless reporters with their seeing eye dogs, out to shop and come back and talk about their experiences on the air with me. Almost every week, their seeing eye dogs would curl up under the table, and chew through the cables in the control room and shut us down. Week after week for a almost a year ?

Glad to hear you are continuing to have a great time and seeing so much. I have been listening to podcasts and Audible books for two years now on my daily commute. This has made the commute much more tolerable. I think the one audiobook that made the time fly by most quickly was The Martian by Andy Weir. Tech enthusiasts of all sorts will probably enjoy.

The DN-X1500 comes with a host of onboard digital effects andfeatures such as an eight-second sampler, nine effect types and anauto/tap/manual bpm counter. The sampler uses audio from any of sixmixer sources (channels1/2/3/4, mic, master), and offers edit optionsincluding loop, reverse, reverse loop and single playback, with overallpitch control adjustment of up to +/-100 percent. Effects include DSPprocessing, along with delay, echo1, echo 2, filter 1, filter 2,flanger, auto pan, trans and key %.

SpinAudio Releases RoomVerb M2 V. 2Version 2.0 of the RoomVerb M2 VST/DX audio plug-in offers a redesignedinterface, all plug-in controls are now grouped into eight view pages,an added easy page where the user can control essential reverbparameters without going deep into editing and a completely newpreset-management system that allows the user to search presets bycategories and keywords.

System requirements are Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; RoomVerb M2 versionsfor Mac OS X, TC PowerCore FireWire, Soundscape Mixpander are underdevelopment and will be announced in the year 2004. To find more aboutthe product, visit Free demoversion is available for download from and audiodemos are available at

The School of Music is in the process of constructing a new5.1-capable Goff Smith Recording Studio within the 4,000-seat HillAuditorium concert hall, which was originally built in 1913. Recording,mixing and editing will be accomplished via both PCM and DSD formatmultichannel recording systems for subsequent release in 5.1. The newfacility will primarily be used for live concert recording and teachingaudio engineering to undergraduate students. The 24-channel 801R systemwill function as the primary microphone preamplifiers and will beremotely controlled directly from engineers in the control room.

The Xone:92 also features a new 4-band +6dB EQ with infinite cut onHF and LF and -30 dB available on both hi- and lo-mids. The mid-EQprovides a wide cut but narrow boost to prevent cumulative gain withall controls at maximum. Furthermore, VCA faders and filters are usedthroughout, so that no audio signals pass directly through the faders.As a result, there is no risk of the sound being degraded by worncomponents.

The first products from the new EAW commercial systems group will beunveiled in early 2004. During the transition to EAW Commercial, LOUDwill continue to provide its worldwide network of dealers, distributorsand system designers with key commercial audio products.

Surround Conference Used Grace Design Monitoring SystemThe recently held 5th annual International Surround Conference &Showcase (Beverly Hills) used a pair of the new Grace Design m906 5.1reference monitoring systems for the demonstration and discussion ofaudio program material.

The VST Wrapper has an MSRP of $69.95 online at, and includes Version 3, whichloads VST plug-ins and instruments in Digital Performer 3; upgradescost $39.95. However, the upgrade is free to anyone who has purchasedthe VST Wrapper after November 15, 2003.

New features include ultrafast audio editing based on a completelyrewritten nondestructive audio editing engine; unlimited undo/redolevels; create audio CDs or import audio tracks from CDs; support forsample rates with 24- or 32-bit resolution and 192kHz sampling rate;support for DirectX audio effect plug-ins; reads/writes many new fileformats, including Ogg-Vorbis, Windows Media Audio and MP3 (writing islimited to 56 k-bit/second); preset manager for all audio effects; andmultitask background processing.

I do know however that even the mark-and-sweep collectors in practice limit pauses to less than 100 ms because I have written audio applications in java with shorter buffers than 100 ms and they run without glitching. This sort of application should have its heap size tuned appropriately because too large heap will have lot of objects to collect when the cycle triggers, and this in turn can cause glitches, whereas a small heap will have frequent but fast enough collections.G1GC strategy looks very promising, because it concentrates GC effort to memory regions that are likely to be free with very little work, and supports soft realtime constraints for limiting the length of a single GC cycle. It looks to be something to the tune of order of magnitude faster than the other strategies, but I haven't personally tried it yet. This is my experience as well... Posted Aug 24, 2011 9:00 UTC (Wed) by khim (subscriber, #9252) [Link]

Like atoms vs. the solar system, they might look similar if you look from afar. It's certainly possible to cherry-pick theoretical similarities. For real-world work, though, they tend to be quite different. And THAT is the problem Posted Aug 25, 2011 20:37 UTC (Thu) by raven667 (guest, #5198) [Link] 041b061a72


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