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Varranger2 Virtual Arranger Soft

Varranger2 Virtual Arranger Soft

Varranger2 is a music arranger software that allows you to play and control MIDI and audio files in real time. It can also host VST plugins and use external sound modules and keyboards as sound sources. Varranger2 is designed for live performance, home studio recording, and songwriting.

Features of Varranger2

  • Supports more than 6000 styles from different arranger keyboards, such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Ketron, and GEM.

  • Allows you to create your own styles or edit existing ones.

  • Includes a built-in software synthesizer (vArrangerSynth) that can play GM sounds, VST instruments, and soundfonts.

  • Offers a MP3 player and recorder, a lyrics and chords display, a mixer, and an effects rack.

  • Supports low latency ASIO and WASAPI audio drivers.

  • Can be controlled by MIDI keyboards, pedals, buttons, knobs, and touch screens.

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

How to install Varranger2

To install Varranger2, you need to purchase it from the official website or through PayPal. You will receive an activation key and a download link for the software within 24 hours. You can choose to install the activation key on a USB flash drive (dongle) or directly on your computer. The dongle method allows you to use Varranger2 on any computer by plugging in the USB flash drive before launching the software. The one system only method works only with the Varranger2 software installed on that same computer.

Varranger2 Virtual Arranger Soft

After downloading the software file, unzip it and copy the vArranger2 icon and the vArrangerData folder to your preferred location. Varranger2 is a portable self-executable program that does not require installation. You also need to install the vArrangerSynth plugin to enable the audio features of Varranger2. Finally, you need to configure the MIDI and audio settings in the OPTIONS / MIDI PORTS menu of Varranger2.

How to use Varranger2

To use Varranger2, you need to load a style file from the STYLE menu or from the browser window. You can select different variations, intros, endings, fills, and breaks from the buttons on the main screen. You can also change the tempo, key, volume, and balance of the style tracks. You can play chords on your MIDI keyboard or use the auto-accompaniment feature to generate chords based on the melody. You can also record your performance as a MIDI or MP3 file.

Varranger2 can also host VST plugins and use external sound modules and keyboards as sound sources. You can assign different sounds to each style track or to each MIDI channel from the SOUND menu or from the mixer window. You can also add effects to each track or to the master output from the effects rack window. You can save your sound settings as a preset for each style or for each song.


Varranger2 is a powerful and versatile music arranger software that can help you create professional sounding music with ease. It can emulate different arranger keyboards, host VST plugins, and use external sound devices. It is suitable for live performance, home studio recording, and songwriting. If you are looking for a software that can turn your computer into a musical instrument, you should give Varranger2 a try.


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