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[S4E19] House On Fire

Bailey is a firefighter in the Los Angeles Fire Department; she also serves as a reserve in the Army National Guard and teaches capoeira (a dance fighting discipline). She first meets John Nolan when she gets locked out of the house where she's dog-sitting for his neighbors, Ronnie and Dylan, and he lends her the spare key they gave him.

[S4E19] House on Fire

Bailey reads John and Lucy the riot act about entering a burning building in "In the Line of Fire", saying, "You don't see us running toward gunfire." In "Red Hot"" John finds out that Bailey is a Lieutenant in the Army Reserve, and in "Fire Fight" she tells him that she was in gymnastics all through high school and college.

During "Fire Fight", she found it hard to believe her Captain was responsible for arson and murders. However, she searched house and found incriminating evidence. After Bailey is seriously injured, she stays at John's house while she recuperates, and their relationship seems to get more serious. She also learns her Captain was set up after an alibi came up when he was incinerated by the fire. John ended up being captured by the real killer but was able to fight him off. Bailey later visited him in the hospital.

House tries to find out where the patient was, but thinks he is lying about not being with a woman. Neurosyphillis would explain the symptoms. Taub thinks the patient is telling the truth. House starts questioning him and realizes he was at a friend's house. Taub and Kutner go to do an environmental scan of the friend's house. The patient was apparently working as a janitor at a factory because his roofing business was suffering. They go to do an environmental scan of the factory and find cadmium dust - it might be heavy metal poisoning. They start chelation therapy. Taub thanks the patient for responding.

House is studying the whiteboard when Cameron comes in to treat his injuries from his accident. House goes over the patient's symptoms, kidneys failing and losing the myelin sheath from his nerves. House deliberately swallows all the narcotics Cameron gives him before she scrubs his wound. Cameron suggests giving the patient a lumbar puncture and explains why it is a good idea. House asks why he fired her, but Cameron reminds House he did not fire her, she quit.

They prepare for the biopsy and Thirteen says she likes the bracelet Foreman got her, she just doesn't want to wear it at work where it can get patient fluids on it. Suddenly, Kutner notices a rash on her wrist. Thirteen admits that she got some of the patient's urine on her wrist. Kutner thinks the patient may have an infection that he passed on to Thirteen, leptospirosis, that is found in rats like the ones in the friend's house. That would cause the liver failure and result in the release of toxins that would cause the locked-in syndrome. They find a paper cut near one of his fingernails, where the infection could have entered. They test the rats at the friend's home and they turn out positive for leptospirosis. They start treatment and ask the patient to try to move. Kutner tells him to try harder. The patient finally moves his right index finger.

Leanne worries that she is evil and tells Dorothy about the fire that killed her family. She admits that when her kitchen caught fire, she just ran, hid from her parents, and listened as they died. Leanne could have saved them, but she wanted them to die. She believes she needs to be punished for this sinful act.

Leanne locks the front door and heads into the tunnels below the house. She apologizes to the corpse of Uncle George and takes the ritual dagger; she is going to sacrifice herself. Leanne pours gasoline throughout the house and sets the doll on fire. The house quickly follows, going up in flames.

Growing impatient in the car, Julian tries to enter the house but finds the building on fire. Dorothy and Sean soon join him outside. They phone the fire brigade and attempt to enter by the back door. Cult members gather to watch the ritualistic sacrifice.

Chloe tells Tony that the schematic on Nabilla's boyfriend's computer is of a computer chip that is used exclusively in Legacy nuclear warheads. Tony begins to prepare a team to go to Nabilla's house at 1482 Franklin on Los Feliz, and Bill tells Chloe that she, as the only one who can get the necessary files off of Sabir's computer, must go.

Chloe's car pulls up to Nabilla's house. Nabilla comes out and welcomes Agents Bergen and White into her house to search. According to Nabilla, Sabir has kept some paper records, but most of them are on his computer. However, Nabilla, who has a doctorate in computer sciences, has confirmed that most of the files are encrypted. Just as Chloe is about to start hacking the computer, they hear a sound. Agent Bergen is shot dead, and Chloe and Nabilla run for cover into the laundry room.

Chloe and Nabilla are running away from the house and get into the car, but the keys are inside the house, presumably on the body of either White or Bergen. Morrison's hitman exits the house, passing White's dead body. Chloe calls CTU and asks whether there is another set of car keys in the car, to which Jack replies no, but there are weapons in the back seat. It is locked, and Chloe frantically asks for the combination, which Curtis searches for. After the hitman tries shooting at the windows and determines that they are bulletproof, he begins to walk away.

There is a fire in Phoebe's apartment probably due to Phoebe's candles which has badly damaged her and Rachel's bedroom. Forced to move out while repairs are carried out, Phoebe agrees to stay with Joey since it was her candles that caused the fire while and Rachel gets to stay with Monica who is more than keen to have someone stay in her new guest room (dubbed 'Hotel Monica'). Chandler's friend Dana from college directs the new Al Pacino movie so Chandler has to take her out to get Joey an audition. However Dana recalls that she went out with this actor guy ten years ago but he never called her again after she did him a favor.

Investigators find out that the fire wasn't caused by the candles but actually by Rachel's hair iron. Therefore, Phoebe and Rachel switch apartments. Rachel is surprised to find she actually enjoys living with Joey due to his easygoing nature, while Phoebe quickly gets annoyed with Monica's constant need to impress and strict rules. Exasperated, Phoebe tries to switch apartments with Rachel, but the latter enjoys living at Joey's and declines.

Ross and Elizabeth have a great date and decide to start seeing each other, with Ross thinking that a professor dating a student is merely 'frowned upon'. Although he is still insecure because of the age difference, he decides he doesn't care what people think only to find that dating students is more than just frowned upon but could actually get him fired. Ross and Elizabeth like each other too much to stop going out and decide to keep it a secret from the faculty. Joey gets the audition but he forgets about it.

Chloe takes Clark home, where he stares confused at the house he has grown up in. When he goes to open the door, thinking it's just stuck, he yanks and accidentally throws the door across the yard behind them. Chloe tells him is was actually locked. Lois is home and she tells Chloe that Jonathan and Martha are in Metropolis for a cardiologist's appointment and won't be back today. Chloe and Lois realize that the boy who robbed the Talon probably also wiped Clark's memory. Chloe decides to go to the Torch' office to see if she can find out what's causing Clark's amnesia, but then realizes that Clark would probably reveal his secret if left alone, so she takes him to his loft.

She takes him back to the Talon, where he uses his X-ray vision to find a card under a floor mat and Chloe is slightly disturbed by this new ability. He muses why he just doesn't tell everybody what he can do and says he doesn't want to go back to a life of lying to everyone and not being himself. Chloe asks him to please reconsider "coming out", at least until his parents get back. Just then, Lana exits her apartment and Clark falls in love with her all over again, setting a lamp on fire with his heat vision, and Chloe hurriedly puts it out. Staring at Lana in wonder, he breathlessly asking who she is, and Chloe sadly informs him that Lana Lang is the love of his life. That night, Lois goes to visit Clark in his loft, who is looking at pictures of Lana and studying drawings of the caves. He throws the pictures down frustratedly, to which Lois states that he normally has better control. He asks Lois how he's supposed to keep control and know what to do, she tells him to trust his gut. Lois asks what he can tell about their relationship, and he correctly guesses that they don't get along. Lois tells him he's on the right track and leaves. Clark picks up one of the pictures of Lana and looks at it.

Kevin finds Chloe and confronts his father. Dr. Grady knocks him out and begins the treatment on Chloe. As a beam of energy is fired at her, Clark arrives and gets between it and Chloe. Another beam knocks out Mr. Grady. Clark's memory is restored, but the machine is overloaded and starts to collapse. Lois and Sheriff Adams arrive just in time to see Clark catch and toss away two large electrical columns before they crush Chloe. Kevin wakes up just then and blasts all three women. Lois and Sheriff Adams forget what they saw, and Chloe forgets the treatment. Clark tells Kevin he owes him a favor, but Kevin tells him they're even and disappears. Dr. Grady is taken into custody by the police.

A blond woman is running in her house, clearly terrified. She runs into her room, slamming the door behind her and locking it. Something pounds on the door, but it can't get in. The noise stops, and she pushes a dresser in front of the door and then sits on the bed, panting.

At the Milligan's house, Dean and Sam stare at a picture of their father and Adam together, realizing its all true, to their shock. Dean tries somewhat unsuccessfully to contain his ire when he finds out that John took Adam to a baseball game for his fourteenth birthday. "He took you to a friggin' baseball game?" He asks twice, to confirm. Adam says yes and quite innocently asks what "Dad" did for Dean's birthday. He can only manage a fake smile in response. Sam asks Adam how long his mother has been missing and he replies that a neighbor saw her three days ago. Her supervisor at the hospital called the police when she failed to show up at work. He says he drove home from school as fast as he could."She wouldn't leave without telling anybody. It was like she just dropped off the face of the earth, you know? " 041b061a72


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