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Buy Spanish Ham Online

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buy spanish ham online

At Your Spanish Shop we offer you a wide variety of Iberian hams. If you want to buy an exceptional quality acorn-fed Iberian ham, in our online store you have a wide selection of acorn-fed hams, from the main designations of origin in Spain.

If you want to buy Iberian ham online, the first thing you should know is the conditions of the product. Not all the hams made in Spain are Iberian, only areas such as Huelva, Los Pedroches, Guijuelo or the Dehesa de Extremadura have the Iberian label, in addition, there are products that come from animals fed on acorns (the highest quality), and others that come from bait.

We offer you a selection of Iberian Bellota Ham of the best quality for you to enjoy like never before the star product of the Spanish gastronomy. As well as Cured Lamb Ham from 100% Spanish cattle. You can also buy Serrano ham and Iberian cured meats online. All our hams and cured meats are shipped by refrigerated transport.

You'll find a limited number of select dry-cured acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork hams online, choose between whole legs, hand-sliced packs of ham, and fantastic box sets with a selection of the best Ibérico pork ham and receive them in 24-48 hours. Our products follow a closed production cycle, from rearing through to production, which guarantees excellent quality and the traceability of each product.

Buy our lots of vacuum packed charcuterie so that they arrive at your home without losing their superior quality. In our online store you can find the Spanish products that you can find in any specialized gourmet store like our Iberico Ham o Iberian Ham of the upmost quality, without preservatives or colorants such as sausages from large commercial supermarkets that are very low in quality when buying with our products.

At Lalola Gourmet you can buy your Serrano ham from Trevelez, and enjoy the taste of the best Jamón ibérico de bellota. In our online store you can find a wide variety of hams recognized for their quality.

Buy the quintessential product of Spanish gastronomy and take home a world famous Iberico ham. Serrano ham is not only delicious, but it has all kinds of beneficial qualities for health. Buy spanish ham, an essential food in the Mediterranean diet that provides a great caloric addition with a low percentage of fat.

Do you know our boneless hams? Get your boneless acorn-fed Iberian ham, you can easily cut it in our spanish ham holder and store it without problems in your pantry ready for lunch. We have a wide variety of boneless hams, so you can eat them comfortably without losing that characteristic iberian ham flavor.

Enrique Tomás has opened his online store for the US market. We are here to serve you! And to bring to your table our Jamón de Campo Ibérico, our Jamón Bellota Premium, commonly known as Pata Negra or our simplest, but best in its class, our Jamón Gran Reserva, or as it is more popularly known as Jamón Serrano. 041b061a72


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