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The Free Willy 2 Full Movie Download 720p Movie

when i came across the advertisement for willy 2, i was at a cross roads. i was torn between watching this one and the good son. i chose to watch the good son, but decided to keep it as a second choice. after watching the movie, i wonder if i should have watched the first one first, but i was so in the mood to watch the sequel. it is a cute film, it is clever, and it is enjoyable. i like that it is about two families. i like that it does not take itself too seriously and it goes for laughs as well. i really appreciated that. but i found it less memorable than the first, and the characters and the plot don't seem as deep. who knows, maybe i was just in the mood for something light and not too intense. at any rate, it is a fun movie and it is entertaining. 7/104/4

the Free Willy 2 full movie download 720p movie

the good son is a reasonably good horror movie. on paper it seems like this is supposed to be this smart family movie with a great heart, however the movie is ridiculously depressing. oddly enough, the only good things about the movie are the two kids. their chemistry is witty and likable, and when they are together they talk like they are 10 years old. the story takes itself very seriously - it wants to be something like the wizard of oz. and the innocence is not as sweet as it should be - at least not with the use of cursing and bad language. if you take the weak acting and writing for what it is, this can be fun to watch. but if you are looking for something smart, then you will be disappointed. 7/10

i rented a few movies from video unlimited for the first time and am always pleased to find some new movies. i was honestly not sure what to expect. i thought the bad news bears was a decent comedy, and i had heard very bad things about edward scissorhands. so when i rented the free willy movie and watched the trailer, i thought i was watching a bad joke on a video tape. it does not sound that great, and it turns out to be very light and comical. at first i thought it was all cartoonish but it does not take itself too seriously. it is a sweet film and it has lots of charm and fun. the story is about a lost whale that has been dumped on a beach. the film centers on the kid that played willy in the first film, now he is in trouble with a surfing gang when he saves the whales. he is helped by others, and then it turns out that the whale's baby is on the loose and causes all sorts of trouble. it is a wonderful story, and some of it is very funny.


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