House Salad   $5.95

 Fresh assorted vegetable, cucumber,

carrot, tomatoes served with house special dressing.          

 Yum Talay $18.95                        

 A combination of steamed seafood

with onions, carrots   and scallions topped with

hot and spicy sauce and roasted cashew nuts

Larb Gai $16.95                                  

 Ground chicken with onions, carrots,

scallion, seasoned with homemade spicy

lime juice and roasted rice served with lettuce leaves.

Yum Woonsen $17.95

 Steamed clear noodles with ground 

chicken, onions, scallion mixed in peppers

and lime juice served on lettuce leaves.

Nam Sodt $16.95                                   

 Ground chicken with fresh ginger, red onions,

scallions, hot chili, roasted peanuts seasoned with spicy lime

served on lettuce leaves.

Chicken Salad $14.95                            

 Marinated grill chicken on a bed of fresh green vegetables,

served with a special peanut sauce   

Grilled Beef Salad ( Larb Nua)  $18.95  

Grilled beef cooked with Thai spice and seasoning, add in onion,

carrots, cilantro served on lettuce leaves.