House Salad                           4.95

 Fresh assorted vegetable, cucumber,

carrot, tomatoes served with house special dressing.          

 Yum Talay                              18.95

 A combination of steamed seafood

with onions, carrots   and scallions topped with

hot and spicy sauce and roasted cashew nuts

Larb Gai                                  14.95

 Ground chicken with onions, carrots,

scallion, seasoned with homemade spicy

lime juice and roasted rice served with lettuce leaves.

Yum Woonsen                          14.95

 Steamed clear noodles with ground c

hicken, onions, scallion mixed in peppers

and lime juice served on lettuce leaves.

Nam Sodt                                 14.95    

 Ground chicken with fresh ginger, red onions,

scallions, hot chili,roasted peanuts seasoned with spicy lime

served on lettuce leaves.

Chicken Salad                             13.95

 Marinated grill chicken on a bed of fresh green vegetables,

served with a special peanut sauce   

Grilled Beef Salad ( Larb Nua)  16.95   

Grilled beef cooked with Thai spice and seasoning, add in onion,

carrots, cilantro served on lettuce leaves.