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[S1E1] Light Out ((TOP))

In a nightmare he is having, Alan Wake is driving towards a lighthouse that he feels compelled to get to, but cannot remember why. On the way, he hits a hitchhiker that appears in the road and when Alan stops and checks the body, the man is dead. Suddenly the headlights go out on the car, and Alan turns to look, but when he glances back to the hitchhiker's corpse, it has disappeared. With his car disabled, Alan carries out on foot towards the lighthouse, but is soon chased by a dark, axe-wielding figure who chastises Alan for "making up stories". It doesn't take Alan long to realize that the axeman is not only the hitchhiker he just 'killed', but is also a character from a story Alan is working on.

[S1E1] Light Out

The axeman asks Alan how it feels to die by the hand of his own creation before turning into a black tornado from which Alan must run. The howling tornado chases Alan down the path, destroying the lights along the path ahead of him. He eventually reaches a suspension bridge and runs across. Just before reaching the other side of the tornado-buffeted bridge, Clay Steward appears and urges Alan to hurry.

Alan must escape, but all exits are locked. During his search he can hear howling tornado winds and the axeman chanting for his death though the voice seems to be coming from everywhere at once. The cabin shudders as if slammed by an earthquake, and again once more before Alan notices a bright light emanating from one of the walls. As he watches, a section of the cabin wall dissolves into the light and a disembodied voice tells him to follow.

The light then teaches Alan about the Dark Presence and how to deal with those under its influence, these creatures are known as the Taken. It gives Alan a flashlight to burn away the protective darkness of the Taken. It also explains that the Taken are beyond help, and that even if Alan were to burn off their outer darkness, the Dark Presence still resides within controlling them. The light then offers Alan a pistol with which he can then kill the Taken once they've had their darkness removed. After which, the light tells Alan it is returning control of his dream to him, and flies off. Alan is left to resume his trek to the lighthouse.

As he runs along the path he deals with several Taken as they emerge from the darkness (Coffee Thermos: In a bunker to the right in a red box) until he reaches the road that leads to the lighthouse. As soon as he sets foot on the road, the dark tornado appears behind him and chases him all the way to the lighthouse, all the while tossing heavy objects into his path to try and kill him (Hint: Avoid the areas with large barrels). When he reaches the lighthouse, bright light is pouring out the front door (Coffee Thermos: On a bench to the right of the front door).

On his way to the rear of the restaurant, he also meets Cynthia Weaver, who is peering down the hallway to the restrooms which is pitch black at the opposite end. She flicks a light switch on and off, but it has no effect. Clutching her lamp, she warns Alan to be careful of the darkness as he heads into the black hallway leading to the restrooms.

During their argument, the lights flicker off and on and when the room is dark, a figure appears briefly between them. If Alan even notices the figure, he makes no mention and storms out of the cabin in a huff. He walks back across the footbridge to try and gather his thoughts, but isn't there for too long before the lights in the cabin go out and Alice begins screaming. Her screams become frantic and it quickly becomes apparent that something more is happening to her than just being trapped in a dark house. Alan rushes back across the bridge and is attacked by a flock of crows that seem to dissolve in the beam of his flashlight. He is puzzled but continues on to the cabin.

Alan searches the office and finds a gun and flashlight, as he does so, he can hear Stucky outside shouting random gibberish. He also finds a phone, but has no time to use it before Stucky cuts the lines outside. A bulldozer in the yard suddenly springs to life and begins driving toward the office. Alan just manages to make it out as the bulldozer sweeps the office over the side of the mountain and the bulldozer goes over with it. Alan hopes without conviction that Stucky met the same fate.

Reentering the lumber yard, Alan is attacked by some Taken, but not Stucky. After dealing with them, he shines his light on a stack of logs to reveal light-sensitive paint in the shape of an arrow. Following the direction of the arrow, he finds more light-sensitive paint that leads him to a chest filled with items including a flare gun. There is a torch symbol painted in the light-sensitive paint on the wall above the chest. Now well-armed, and without any other choices, Alan must make it to the gas station.

The first part of the episode is a tutorial on how to play the game. The first thing you will be ask to do is to look up at the light, which can be done using the right analogue stick, which moves the camera around. The screen will then ask if you wish to invert the movements. Choose which one satisfies you the most. You then use the left analogue stick to walk forward, which you should do so. Then it will ask you to sprint, which can be done using the LB button. As soon as you walk far enough forward, the camera will direct towards the lighthouse, which you are to head to in that direction. The bridge has been destroyed, so you need to head to the right of you, where you will see a walkway. When you travel down the walkway, the camera will redirect you to a humanoid figure (which is known as one of the Taken) standing by your car, watching you. Then all of a sudden, he will appear in front of you. He will start swinging an axe around, and you need to jump down from the walkway to escape him for the moment. Walk forward and down the stairs and follow the path, and jump over the barrier in the way. You will then find yourself in a little fenced area, which is where you will learn to dodge. The figure will appear in front of you and you need to dodge his attacks by pressing the LB button and the left analogue stick at the same time just before he attacks. You need to do this twice in order to progress. He will then disappear for a few seconds. Walk towards the gate and it will soon open by itself. Once you cross the bridge, the Taken will soon appear behind you and turn into a tornado. You must sprint from him as far away as possible as he cannot be stopped when he is a tornado. Just keep following the path and you will come to a longer bridge, which you need to cross. Cross it and there will be a man waiting for you on the other side, who seems to know you. He will direct you into the cabin and then the Taken will destroy the bridge. Enter the cabin, but the door will shut behind you, leaving the other man locked out. The Taken will turn back into humanoid form and the man will try to shoot him, but the bullets wont work. The Taken then takes his axe and kills the man, and then looks up at you through the window.

For the moment, you cannot do anything but wait for the level to progress by itself. You might as well look about the cabin while you wait. The level will progress as all the TV's will turn on with a huge eye looking around, and a voice saying "Die!" over and over, with a few evil laughs. The Taken will then turn back into a tornado and will damage you from the outside of the house by shaking the house, causing an almost earthquake effect. Don't worry about this as you will not die in this part of the level, but once your health is extremely low, a huge light will fade the side door away and a voice will ask you to walk into the light. Walk towards the light, and a voice will tell you that you are hurt, and to walk towards the safe haven, which is a basic lamp post. Walk towards the lamp post and stay under its light until you are fully healed. Once you are healed, the light will turn off. The light will then speak out a poem and will then recreate the destroyed stairs below you. Once the stairs are fixed, progress through the level, and the light will then tell you that the Taken cannot be harmed because it is shrouded in darkness, and the only way to harm it is to burn away the darkness using light. The voice gives you a flashlight and you need to burn away the darkness. At this point, the Taken won't harm you just yet. Then he will tell you about how to harm it with guns, which is to burn away the darkness and then shoot, which you must do until the Taken is destroyed. A gun will appear and once you pick up the gun, the Taken can then harm you. Shoot at the Taken until it disappears. The light then tells you to remember what you have been taught and that he will give you back your dream, and the light will soon disappear. After a small camera movement towards the lighthouse and Alan's background narrating, the gate in front of you will then open.

Walk through the gate and you should see more Taken in front of you, so kill them. Along the way, you should come to a red box, which contains a flare gun with flare ammo, which will come in handy with multiple Taken surrounding you, so bear that in mind. Carry on through and you will be attacked by three Taken at once. This is one of the best times to use the flare gun, so it would be best if you did so. If not, use the revolver and torch. Keep moving and you should come across a few more Taken. Then when you jump off a rock onto a road, another Taken from a distance will turn into a tornado and will chase you. If you stay staring at it too long, it will hurl things right at you so it is best to keep moving. Head across the bridge, but make sure you dodge the items thrown at you as the items will break the bridge. The bridge seems to break in an order, so make sure you follow these directions, and keep running: Move left, then move right, move left again, and then carry on crossing the bridge. Enter the lighthouse as soon as possible. It will then switch to a cut-scene where the tornado will soon stop outside the lighthouse and Alan will hide around the corner. The Taken will keep knocking at the door but then things will soon fall quiet. Alan then walks to the stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. The main light soon goes off, and Alan looks around to see what is going on. Alan looks up and we see through the eyes of what is coming down the stairs to get him, but we do not know what it is. It then attacks him, everything goes dark and a voice whispers "He's here". 041b061a72


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