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Question:I want to add something that not lists online menu, what should i do?

Answer: you can call us and we can guide you how to order. if you have allergy just type in special request.


Question: Are you delivery food or pick up only?

Answer: We offer only pick up, no delivery service at this time.

if you want to get delivery, you can order thru GRUBHUB, but there will be extra charge for delivery service.


QUESTION: Can i make a payment online or pay at the restaurant.

Answer: you can make a payment thru our online or you can make a payment with cash or credit card at the restaurant or on the phone to get curbside pick up.


How long does it take after i place the order?

Answer: if 1-3 item take about 15 minutes, but a larger order can take longer that time than 35 minutes. you can call to check the time to prepare food especially on the weekend. 

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