Shrimp in the  blanket


   Thai Cuisine is a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Southeast Asian tastes. We have both spicy and non-spicy dishes!

    We serve appertizers, soup, salad, noodles in soup or stir fry, curries, vegetable dishes, and many more courses, including Thai dessserts.

    All of the menus use fresh, traditional ingredients such as ginger, galanga, garlic, chiles, coconut milk, tamarind, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, fish sauce, and much more.

    Thai cuisine ues may ingredients to create its dishes. Some Thai dishes even have up to 4 flavors: sweet, savoury, sour, and spicy, all of which are typical for Thai cooking.



Thai Tamarind Restaurant is open for business now in Westborough!

We serve authentic Thai and Asian Cuisine.

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Experience Thai food by dine-in at the restaurant, or ordering take-out to enjoy it on the go.


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Spring Rolls (Vegetarian)  $7.95

Sliced cabbage, carrots and glass noodles, wrapped in a rice sheet and deep-fried until

golden crispy and served  with sweet chili sauce

Crispy Chicken Rolls   $7.95

Minced chicken mixed in vegetables fillings.

wrapped in a rice sheet and deep-fried until

l golden crispy and served  with sweet chili sauce.


Fresh Rolls: $8.95 Shrimp, Chicken, Tofu, OR  Avocado  

Soft Rice Sheets wrapped with mixed lettuce, cucumber, carrots rice noodle, fresh basil.

Serve with peanut hoisin sauce.

Thai Chicken Wings  $10.95

Marinated chicken wings and battered, then deep fried till golden crispy.

Chicken Satay $10.95

Marinated chicken on skewers grilled. Served with a specially prepared peanut sauce

Shrimp Satay $11.95

Crab Rangoon   $8.95

Mixed cream cheese wrapped with Wonton skin and deep fried till golden crispy served with sweet chili sauce.

Golden Squid $11.95

Sliced squid battered, deep fried until golden crispy

Crab Shu-mai(steamed or fried ) $8.95

Crabmeat marinated and mixed with seasoning, wrapped with wonton sheets served with ginger soy sauces

Thai Dumplings (steamed or fried )  $7.95

Minced Chicken marinated, wrapped in wonton sheets

 served with ginger soy sauces

Shrimp Tempura      $11.95

Battered Shrimps deep fried till golden crispy served with sweet chili sauce.

Shrimp in Blankets   $11.95

Marinated shrimp wrapped in eggroll wrap served with sweet Thai chili sauce.

Crispy Triangles (Vegetarian)     $7.95

Wonton Sheet Filled with potatoes, onions, curry powder deep-fried until golden crispy

and served with sweet chili sauce.

Scallion Pancakes  $8.95

Thin Pancakes with scallion served with sweet Thai Chili sauce.

Sweet Potato Fried  $7.95

Fried sweet potatoes till golden crispy

 Vegetable Dumpling ( Steamed or Fries) $7.95

Assorted vegetables mixed with seasoning served with

ginger soy sauce.

Vegetable Tempura$10.95

Assorted vegetable battered and deep fried toll crispy served with

sweet chili sauce.

Roti Pancake $9.95

Pan fried roti pancake served with curry dipping sauce

Fried Tofu$8.95

 Fresh soft tofu fried till golden crispy served with sweet chili and ground peanuts.

 Tarot Pancake$10.95

Pancake wrapped with tarot filing, served with sweet sauce.