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Buy Smoked Ham Hocks Online [NEW]

Our Smoked Pork Hocks come from the back leg of the pig the same as the Half Horseshoe Gammons, also available for home delivery. The Hocks are cut from the top of the leg at the upper joint & have the trotter cut from the other end, this leaves the meaty section in the middle that is the Pork Hocks. Smoked Pork Hocks have different names across the world, here are a few that you will see listed in recipe books, this way you will be able to find them easier: pork knuckles, pork shanks, ham hocks.

buy smoked ham hocks online

Ham hock is also known as pork knuckle. Although a relatively cheap cut, braising or stewing gives great results for ham hock and ham hocks make a great ingredient in pea or lentil soups.

Most smoked products use nitrates, either in the form of synthetic Sodium Nitrate, or by using Celery Juice or Celery Salt. Our Smoked Ham Hock is completely free of Nitrates, synthetic or natural, so you can cook knowing what is in your food.

Laurelhurst Market is your friendly neighborhood steakhouse and butcher shop. We make everything in-house, from pat\u00E9 to hand-stuffed sausage to smoked ham hocks. Join us for lunchtime sandwiches made with our homemade deli meats, or full-service dinners featuring high-quality steaks and plenty of beer, wine, and house cocktails.

The original called for two ham hocks, but luckily the grocery store was out. Luckily?? The butcher steered us toward a better option, a smoked ham butt, which is all meat and has very little fat. Therefore I renamed the recipe to reflect that switch.

And instead of using chicken stock, we incorporated our homemade ham stock which added oodles of additional flavor. The Emeril Essence you can buy online, get at Target, or make your own from the recipe below, which uses mostly seasonings already in your pantry.

From the joint that attaches the hog's foot to its leg (aka knuckled joint), our pastured ham hocks are perfect for adding smokey pork flavor to beans, collard and mustard greens, stews and stocks. Like our whole hams, they are hickory smoked low and slow for 10-12 hours. Our smoked ham hocks contain no added sugar so the deep forested pork flavor comes through in your recipes.

The Valbella Smoked Pork Hock is cured and smoked, which gives it amazing flavours. The cut is from the half of the pork leg. It's a chunky section of bone surrounded by collagen, connective tissues, and meat. The taste is very close to bacon and it can be added to soups and broth, or it can be roasted in the oven.

Each fall, the Meat Science Club processes, cooks, and smokes holiday hams and ham hocks as a club fundraiser. Through this, club members gain hands on meat processing experience they may not get in their regular classes. The money raised helps our members travel and attend academic conferences, funds industry trip tours, and supports meat science club activities and events.

Our club is busy processing our Holiday Hams, and we are now taking orders for 2021. Our club members are the ones who trim, inject, cook, smoke, and package our holiday hams and ham hocks. They are all vacuum packaged and would be an excellent centerpiece for any upcoming holiday celebration!

The options we have available this year include: smoked whole hams (12-15 lbs) at $3.50/lb, smoked half hams (7-9 lbs) at $4.00/lb, and smoked ham hocks (1-2 lbs) at $2.00/lb. To place your order, you can either complete the online form at this link or you may complete this pdf order form and return it to

We generally use ham hocks in braises, soups, and other liquid-based dishes. The meat braises slowly while releasing its flavor. When the dish is done, you can pull off the bits of meat and put them back in the dish. Or you can do what we do: hide them from everyone else and eat them ourselves!

Our retail store has a large variety of meats, cheeses, canned goods and candies! It is hard to show everything that we have to offer, so stop in and see us sometime! *Please note you are not able to able to order online! We have select products available on our online store. Visit the home page for online store* 041b061a72


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