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Mp3tag !!BETTER!!

Mp3Tag can be made portable using the amazing app called JauntePE. The registry is redirected to a folder in my pendrive and all configuration is always with me. I will use my "jaunterized" version until the mp3tag devolpers team release a portable official launcher


Download File:

Hi,I just came back to this site after being several months away and, I am sorry to see the disappointed people giving negative ratings when set-up versions do change. I have updated the script for the new version 305 which came out today. However, the program versions change frequently, so in a few weeks this script will no longer work again. Therefore a general remark how everybody quickly may be able to fix such issues themselves:- I cannot say too much about PlayOnMac, but should be very similar - also seems to be soon an Apple version available :o) -If PlayOnlinux fails, the installation script will remain in the POL root directory ($HOME/.PlayOnLinux) with the file name "install".Hence, you can edit and fix the script and, in this case modify these two lines: FILE="mp3tagv305setup.exe" MD5=""Then you can run this file "install" from the Tools Menu as a local script. Alternatively you can move the file to the subdirectory $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/shortcuts and also rename it. When you launch PlayOnLinux ou can see it in the choice of available "installed programs" and run it directly. Btw - that is also how I am (and most likely others are) debugging and testing scripts.As a fall back on such version errors, I plan to improve the script: if the download fails, the user should have the choice to manually enter a download filename of a newer version, or else to locate an already downloaded set-up file on the hard disk... sure, this will take a bit more time and testing.Volker Fröhlich

If you continue to have problems with removal of the mp3tag adware, reset your Microsoft Edge browser settings. Click the Edge menu icon (at the top right corner of Microsoft Edge) and select Settings. 041b061a72


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