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Halsey and Palmer both managed to survive the downing of their Pelican and by the next day they had made it to the Arbiter's encampment in Nuusra.[226] Using the Forerunner technology she had been fiddling with upon first arriving on the planet, she was able to receive a coded message from Roland on the UNSC Infinity, who informed the doctor that Earth had been taken offline by the rogue A.I.s and that they had just managed to escape. He said the ship was now slipspace-hopping on a random trajectory but would be showing up off the far side of Suban the next day and remaining there for fifteen minutes. The coordinates the A.I. provided could be reached in a matter of hours with space-capable transportation. Fortunately, after darkness had fallen over the region the approach of a Pelican drew she, Palmer, 'Vadam, and two other Swords of Sanghelios to emerge from a tent to meet it. When it landed and opened its rear hatch, Spartan Locke and John were the first two individuals to emerge and present themselves before both of their respective teams followed suit. Having not seen John for over six years, she told him it had taken him long enough. When the Arbiter insisted that both Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris join those gathered for a meal before departing, Halsey clarified to him that they wouldn't be leaving that night. Although the possession of a working D79-TC Pelican would now afford the humans passage off Sanghelios, the Infinity would not be arriving until 1800 hours the following day. Edward Buck questioned the trustworthiness of Roland once Catherine explained the situation but she rebutted that if he'd been compromised they'd already be dead. Midway through the meal of colo and kuscatu served by their Sangheili hosts Halsey disappeared to chat with John, Fred, Kelly, and Linda.[226]

A little less than an hour before sunrise the next day the Spartans and Halsey all piled into the Pelican.[226] As the Arbiter bid farewell to John and voiced his confidence in their ability to combat the new threat the Created posed, the Sangheili shot Halsey a meaningful glance which she ignored with a haughty sniff. While en route to the rendezvous Halsey pointed out that Sangheili resistance was likely drawing the attention of the Guardian attempting to pacify the world just then, again arguing that they'd already be dead if they'd been detected. With about twenty minutes until the Infinity was due to arrive Buck broke out a pack of playing cards and asked if anyone was up for Hearts but Halsey ignored him, as she was working on a tablet she'd scrounged up. Buck managed to get her attention by referring to the queen of spades as a "Halsey" a couple of hands into the game, but she still gave no response other than to announce that their window was approaching. The gargantuan supercarrier arrived almost exactly on schedule and Halsey had secured all her things by then. As Kelly docked the Pelican in the ship's Portside Bay Five Buck drew Halsey's attention yet again when he laughed out loud upon realizing his longtime lover Veronica Dare was aboard.[226] The doctor and the Spartans were met in the bay by a lieutenant who had come to escort she, Palmer, John, and Locke to the bridge to see Captain Lasky.[245] Following that meeting Lasky had Doctor Halsey confined to a workspace and the Infinity began a series of randomized slipspace jumps in order to avoid detection by Cortana's Guardians, emerging from slipspace at its first vector point that very day.[243][245] That same day Roland answered a distress call from the UNSC Sentry of El Morro with the affirmation that the supercarrier was on its way to assist it.[246] By the start of November, the ship exited slipspace at one point to receive the recently reassembled Spartan team Alpha-Nine.[247][Note 4]


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