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Nikki Benz In Court

On February 13 of this year, Lisa Ann filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Benz after a well-publicized Twitter exchange between the two stars. The court filing regarding the Lisa Ann/Nikki Benz "Twitter War" was picked up for coverage by TMZ and other media outlets.

nikki benz in court

"I am thrilled that the Court has thrown out Lisa Ann's frivolous case for supposed harassment against me," Benz said in a press release. "I intend to pursue her for all damages she has caused me as a result. Filing legal cases just to get in TMZ is just sad. A big thank you to all adult stars and industry people who showed me support on Twitter and in court. The overwhelming support is greatly appreciated."

"These allegations were untrue as to both plaintiffs and mentioned plaintiff Tony T by name," the suit says. Nomar was referred to indirectly in the publication as the "male talent" and "Ramon," according to the plaintiffs' court papers. 041b061a72


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