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Josiah Morgan

Busty ((FREE))

(I'd like to extend a special thanks to Pennlady, for her amazing help with editing. All mistakes in the story are mine and mine alone. There's only so much someone can do when trying to help a dumbass like me! Also, thanks to all of those busty eighteen year old babysitters out there! The rest of you, please enjoy!)


John dreamed of the busty little babysitter all night long and awoke with one of the hardest, most painful erections of his life. His wife had already left for work and he resigned himself to a cold shower. Not that she would have done anything, John thought. He was running late himself and barely made it to work on time. It was a long day and it took John most of it to clear his head.

The connotation here is that Anya Zenkova is so incredibly busty that it almost seems unnatural. Luckily for us, XX Cel captures real natural models and Anya likes to pose naked, jumping up and down before trying on some shirts that are way too tight for her chest.

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