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Rolling Ball 3D: A new twist on the classic slope game with multiplayer mode and power-ups

Let's get the ball rolling! Whether it's sports, puzzles, or pong, these games will have you rolling along in no time. The possibilities are endless, and there really is no limit to the amount of fun and creativity you can have with just this simple shape.

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Basically, anything that you want to do that has something to do with a ball, we probably have here. Let your imagination run wild as we take this simple shape and make it into a fun, action-packed game that you can play for hours. From sports games like 8 Ball Pool and Penalty Kick Online, to puzzle games like Bloo and Idle Breakout, to gravity games like CirclO and Handulum+, the variety of games that have a ball in them is practically infinite.

A lot of the most popular games on our site are ball games. One of the most well-known titles is Atari Breakout. This game has been a hit since all the way back in the 1970s. The goal of the game is to wipe out all of the blocks on your screen by bouncing a ball against them using your paddle. It starts out pretty slow, but the pace really picks up as you continue to play this retro ball game.

Of course, if you want something a little bit different, there are tons of other popular ball games here. Take the game Scribble for example. Instead of using a ball to destroy things like Atari Breakout, players must direct a ball toward a goal set up on the other side of the map. Draw several different sloping lines in order to get the ball there. This game is fun because you really have to use artistic and problem-solving skills in order to succeed.

Keep your reflexes and eyesight sharp. As you roll over boosters and ramps, the ball slows down and gathers up speed. Move the ball over obstacles and keep an eye out for impending difficulties on the road ahead! The levels rise the longer you survive the game, despite the fact that it is an infinite game. The higher the level, the more moving and difficult the obstacles get.

Rolling Ball is an engaging puzzle game for kids. In this, kids have to follow the wooden path and guide the ball to its destination, avoiding several hurdles and pitfalls along the way. Kids will enjoy hours of endless fun as they challenge themselves through 10 exciting levels. They will improve their dexterity as they use the computer keys to control the ball and also enhance their concentration and logical skills. The game provides a challenging and significant learning environment that is stimulating and provocative.

Our award winning educational website offers tons of fun, learning-based activities for children in grades K to 5. TurtleDiary offers 1000+ games that are interactive, educational, and that support necessary skills while promoting fun. TurtleDiary activities are compatible with grade levels K-5 and provide opportunities to enhance material retention and increase success in the classroom.

The game's plot concerns a diminutive prince on a mission to rebuild the stars, constellations, and Moon, which were inadvertently destroyed by his father, the King of All Cosmos. This is achieved by rolling a magical, highly adhesive ball called a katamari around various locations, collecting increasingly larger objects, ranging from thumbtacks to human beings to mountains, until the ball has grown large enough to become a star. Katamari Damacy's story, settings and characters are highly stylized and surreal, often both celebrating and satirizing facets of Japanese culture.

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Katamari Damacy was well-received in Japan and North America, becoming a surprise hit and winning several awards. Its success led to the creation of the greater Katamari franchise, and inspired numerous subsequent games imitating its quirky, colorful charm. Some critics have hailed it as a cult classic and one of the greatest video games of all time, praising its gameplay, replay value, humor, originality, and shibuya-kei soundtrack. A high-definition remaster of the game, Katamari Damacy Reroll,[b] was released on Windows and Nintendo Switch in December 2018, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2020, on Amazon Luna in March 2021, and on Stadia in September 2021.

The player controls the Prince as he rolls the katamari around houses, gardens, and towns in order to meet certain parameters set by the King of All Cosmos. The player uses the two analog sticks on the DualShock controller in a manner similar to the classic arcade game Battlezone to control the direction the katamari rolls. Other controls can be triggered by the player to gain a quick burst of speed, flip the Prince to the other side of the katamari and more.[1]

Objects that are smaller than the katamari will stick to it when the player comes into contact with them, while greater objects can be hurdles; colliding at high speed with any may cause objects to fall off the katamari, slowing the player's progress. The game uses size, weight, and surface area to determine if an object will stick to the katamari. This allows slender objects, such as pencils, that are longer than the katamari is wide, to be picked up, and these will alter how the katamari rolls until more objects are picked up.[1] Animals such as cats will chase the katamari, knocking things from it, but once the katamari is great enough, it will scare the animals away, and they can be rolled up once they are chased down. As objects stick to the katamari, the katamari will grow, eventually allowing objects that were once hurdles to be picked up, and creating access to areas that were formerly blocked. In this manner, the player might start the game by picking up thumbtacks and ants, and slowly work up to the point where the katamari is picking up buildings, mountains, and clouds.[1]

Each level features two secret items that can be found. The first item is a royal present that contains an object that the Prince can wear. Most gifts are non-functional, but one includes a camera that can be used to take in-game screenshots.[3] In the two-player mode, a player can choose to play as either the Prince or one of his numerous Cousins. The screen is split vertically; player one on the left and player two on the right. Players compete simultaneously in a small arena to collect the most objects within three minutes. The playing field is replenished with new objects periodically. Players can ram into each other, knocking items from their opponents' katamaris, and if one player leads by a fair amount, then it is possible to roll up the opponent's katamari.[3]

Keita Takahashi had studied art and entered the Musashino Art University to study sculpting in 1995.[4] During his studies, he came to a philosophy that his art needed to combine practical elements along with a bit of whimsy and humor. After graduation, Takahashi no longer had the desire to pursue sculpting as a full-time career, and saw the potential to become involved in video games as a means to continue his art interest in a larger medium.[4] Joining Namco as an artist around 1999, Takahashi worked on a number of smaller projects for the publisher. One of these was called Action Drive, inspired by Crazy Taxi but with more spy-based elements atop the driving gameplay. During this, Takahashi came up with the ideas of the characters that would be central to Katamari Damacy: the King, the Queen, and the Prince of all Cosmos. His idea would have been that the queen had been kidnapped by agents on Earth, and the lazy King sends the Prince to rescue her. To do this, the player would use the diminutive Prince's head, shaped like a hammer, to stun humans, after which the Prince would then "drive" the humans around by putting a steering wheel on the back of the human's head. Takahashi felt this would lead to interesting and creative gameplay, allowing the player to create havoc as the Prince followed the misguided suggestions from the King, but the project leader rejected the idea. Action Drive was eventually cancelled.[4]

While working on other projects, Takahashi continued to try to think of game ideas, seeking to grow beyond being just an artist for Namco. Takahashi cited two concepts that led to the inspiration of Katamari Damacy. The first was a prototype shown by Sony Computer Entertainment called Densen (Japanese for "power line") that had the player as a young girl traverse floating islands of various homes connected by power lines. The game, though never released, gave Takahashi the idea that the ordinary world could be made interesting with only small changes to perception, and that a game could be fun without the need to cause violence. The second idea was from the game of tamakorogashi played in Japanese school's undōkai or sports days. In tamakorogashi, students attempt to push a giant ball into a goal.[5][6] Both those ideas led to him thinking of a game where spinning a ball would roll ordinary stuff into it, making the ball larger and larger over time. The evening he conceived of this idea, he spoke to a friend, one of the game designers in Namco, to see if it made for a good game idea, who agreed it had potential. The next day, he spoke to his former boss, Mitsutoshi Ozaki, about the concept, further adding a way to reuse the King and Prince characters he had previously proposed, who also agreed it would make for a great game.[5]


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