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A breadcrumb or breadcrumb trail is a graphical control element used as a navigational aid in user interfaces and on web pages. It allows users to keep track and maintain awareness of their locations within programs, documents, or websites. The term is a reference to the trail of bread crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the German fairy tale of the same name.[1]


A breadcrumb trail tracks and displays each page viewed by a visitor of a website, either in the order the pages were viewed,[2] or in other definitions, displaying a hierarchy of the current page in relation to the website's structure. [3] Breadcrumbs are typically placed in horizontal form under the masthead or navigation of a website.[4]

Current file managers including Linux Mint's Nemo, Windows Explorer (from Windows Vista onwards), Finder (for Macintosh operating systems), GNOME's Nautilus, KDE's Dolphin, Xfce's Thunar, MATE's Caja, and SnowBird allow breadcrumb navigation, often replacing or extending an address bar.[citation needed]

Location breadcrumbs are not necessarily appropriate for sites whose content is so rich that single categories do not fully describe a particular piece of content. For this reason, a tag may be more appropriate, though breadcrumbs can still be used to allow the user to retrace their steps and see how they arrived at the current page.

The Bulma breadcrumb is a simple navigation component that only requires a breadcrumb container and a ul list. The dividers are automatically created in the content of the ::before pseudo-element of li tags.

A breadcrumb trail on a page indicates the page's position in the site hierarchy, and it may help users understand and explore a site effectively. A user can navigate all the way up in the site hierarchy, one level at a time, by starting from the last breadcrumb in the breadcrumb trail.

Google Search uses breadcrumb markup in the body of a web page to categorize the information from the page in search results. Often, as illustrated in following use cases, users can arrive at a page from very different types of search queries. While each search may return the same web page, the breadcrumb categorizes the content within the context of the Google Search query. The page ancillaryjustice.html might display the following breadcrumb trails depending upon the search context.

We recommend providing breadcrumbs that represent a typical user path to a page, instead of mirroring the URL structure. Some parts of the URL path don't help people understand how the page fits in your website. For example, given the URL _in_the_rye.html, the pages path in the URL doesn't add any information, and neither does the top level element

  • The URL to the webpage that represents the breadcrumb. There are two ways to specify item: URL: Specify the URL of the page. For example: "item": " "

  • Thing: Use an id to specify the URL based on the markup format you're using: JSON-LD: Use @id to specify the URL.

  • Microdata: You can use href or itemid to specify the URL.

  • RDFa: You can use about, href, or resource to specify the URL.

If the breadcrumb is the last item in the breadcrumb trail, item is not required. If item isn't included for the last item, Google uses the URL of the containing page.

Breadcrumb NavXT, the successor to the popular WordPress plugin Breadcrumb Navigation XT, was written from the ground up to be better than its ancestor. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress powered blog or website. These breadcrumb trails are highly customizable to suit the needs of just about any website running WordPress. The Administrative interface makes setting options easy, while a direct class access is available for theme developers and more adventurous users.

Use breadcrumb navigation for large websites and websites that have hierarchically arranged pages. An excellent scenario is e-commerce websites, in which a large variety of products is grouped into logical categories.

2. Attribute-basedAttribute-based breadcrumb trails display the attributes of a particular page. For example, in Newegg, breadcrumb trails show the attributes of the items displayed on a particular page:

Convenient for usersBreadcrumbs are used primarily to give users a secondary means of navigating a website. By offering a breadcrumb trail for all pages on a large multi-level website, users can navigate to higher-level categories more easily.

Reduces bounce ratesBreadcrumb trails can be a great way to entice first-time visitors to peruse a website after having viewed the landing page. For example, say a user arrives on a page through a Google search, seeing a breadcrumb trail may tempt that user to click to higher-level pages to view related topics of interests. This, in turn, reduces the overall website bounce rate.

The Breadcrumb component consists of links, which are aligned side by side and separated by a divider. Add the .uk-breadcrumb class to a element to define the component. Use elements as breadcrumb items within the list. An active state is automatically applied to the last element.

A breadcrumb trail consists of a list of links to the parent pages of the current page in hierarchical order. It helps users find their place within a website or web application. Breadcrumbs are often placed horizontally before a page's main content.

The v-breadcrumbs component is a navigational helper for pages. It can accept a Material Icons icon or text characters as a divider. An array of objects can be passed to the items property of the component. Additionally, slots exists for more control of the breadcrumbs, either utilizing v-breadcrumbs-item or other custom markup.

This is a panel plugin for Grafana. It keeps track of dashboards you have visited within one sessionand displays them as a breadcrumb. Each dashboard is added only once to the breadcrumb. You can navigate back to somedashboard in breadcrumb by clicking the dashboard name link text. When navigation back all items coming after the selecteddashboard will be removed from the breadcrumb. Note that breadcrumb can track only dashboards that have breadcrumb panel on them.

Is root dashboard - Panel has an option for setting it as the root. If set, this will clear breadcrumb in root dashboard.Hide text in root dashboard - Don't show anything if breadcrumb has only one itemLimit the amount of breadcrumb items to - The amount of breadcrumb items is limited by default. The oldest item is removed when exceeded.

A Breadcrumb is a single navigation item that is a child of the Breadcrumbs component. A breadcrumb can link elsewhere in an app or it can be plain text. Each breadcrumb has a separator between it and the next breadcrumb and can optionally contain an icon.

This option lets you set a separator character for your breadcrumb items. You can choose one from the different characters available in this list, or you can type your own separator character in the last field.

To do so, make sure the Hide Post Title option is disabled. Then open the post with the lengthier title and navigate to Rank Math Meta Box > Advanced Tab > Breadcrumb Title, and here you can give a shorter title for your post that would appear only on breadcrumb.

Show Category(s) will show the categories of your post in the breadcrumb. We recommend that you keep this disabled so your breadcrumb will look small and precise. When the show category(s) option is disabled, our breadcrumbs will appear as:

When the Show Category(s) option is enabled, the category will be included just before the name of the post. The primary category will be used here if your post includes multiple categories. In case if you wish to change the primary category for your post, here is a dedicated tutorial. The breadcrumb would now appear as:

Changing Primary Taxonomy: If you wish to change the taxonomy used for the breadcrumbs, then you can set the Primary Taxonomy for your post type under WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Posts.

You can also add the breadcrumb anywhere you want with the help of a shortcode. Just copy and paste this shortcode to the text editor of any post/page, and then Rank Math will pull the breadcrumb for that specific post/page.

The easiest way to know if a theme includes support for Rank Math Breadcrumbs is by heading over to Rank Math > Status and Tools > System Info > Active Theme. Here in the Theme features, you can check if rank-math-breadcrumbs is listed.

Fortunately for WooCommerce users, Rank Math is here to save your day. If you want to add Breadcrumb Schema in WooCommerce without losing the benefits of customization options that Rank Math offers for Breadcrumbs, then you will have to disable the default breadcrumbs feature from the Theme File Editor. For that, you should add the below-mentioned code to your theme files:

I have tried fixing this with white-space: nowrap, overflow: hidden and text-overflow: ellipsis and it does not seem to work well because, for some reason, in Bootstrap4, the breadcrumb-items are blocks floated left.

Apply .flex-nowrap to the .breadcrumb element, and then .text-truncate to .breadcrumb-item elements you wish to clip. This has the effect of forcing the breadcrumb container to not wrap, and then each element must fit within it, truncating text.

A breadcrumb (or breadcrumb trail) is a type of secondary navigation that indicates the position of a page in its application hierarchy. It is typically used for drilldown scenarios where users navigate through related object pages, tables, and charts.

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