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Buy Dumbbells Online

Dumbbells are a home gym classic for a reason. This helpful tool can be used with all sorts of exercises, ranging from light aerobics to serious weightlifting. Learning more about dumbbells can help you pick the best set for your needs, with the added bonus of free shipping on dumbbell sets.

buy dumbbells online

For any proper home gym, Olympic dumbbells are a versatile and convenient option. Unlike fixed-weight dumbbells, Olympic dumbbells for home gyms are adjustable. As long as you get dumbbell plates sized for Olympic dumbbell handles, it is fast and easy to switch out the weight. This lets you get a set of dumbbells that grows with you. When you want to take your training to the next level, you can just stack on some extra plates instead of having to purchase a whole new set.

You can even use some of the smaller weights from your usual Olympic barbell. Another perk that makes Olympic dumbbells especially suitable for a home gym is their compactness. They stack neatly out of the way in a small pile instead of turning into a huge tower of weights that requires a rack to store properly.

The best dumbbell sets for strength training will depend on your current level of fitness and the types of programs you follow. For most beginners, pairs of 5- to 20-pound weights will provide an effective range. Experienced weightlifters may want to get 50- or even 80-pound dumbbell weights. Hexagonal-shaped dumbbells are convenient because they do not roll away when you set them down. However, certain exercises may actually require round dumbbells that roll.

You also need to consider how the dumbbells are made as the right choice can last you a lifetime. Dumbbells made from cast iron or galvanized steel tend to last longer and have less risk of breaking down. Rubber coatings can help reduce wear and tear, and they can protect your floors from the weights. Be sure to look at the handle, too. Options with a grip are often a little easier to work with.

At Titan Fitness, we are happy to provide free shipping on all our dumbbell sets. You never have to worry about paying extra for shipping on even our heavier dumbbells. In addition to our great prices, you can also rely on us for fast shipping. After you pick out your dumbbell sets, you can start working out as soon as possible. Our fast and free shipping makes it convenient and easy to get in shape.

The smaller size of dumbbells makes it easy to store them in any small space. They can be tucked under the bed or in the closet until the owner wants to use them. At work, many sizes will fit in a desk drawer and be ready for use during breaks and lunch hours.

Buy a set of dumbbells today and give them a try. Master two or three routines and notice how they begin to work specific muscle groups. Even after adding more routines to the workout, the dumbbells will still be part of the warming up and the cooling down.

Working out with someone special is a lot of fun. Have kettlebells, different dumbbells, and other basics for each person. Help each other out with different routines. You can even shop together for dumbbells and other products to add to the collection. When both of you have stressful careers, the chance to work out with the dumbbells together is a great way to put the workplace out of your mind.

Durability and dumbbells go together like chips and dip. This type of equipment ensures you have something to work out whenever you like. Not only dumbells have this quality though. You can add new equipment that makes your workouts even better. Name your goal and then buy dumbbells and other items that will help with your training. There are all sorts of weights available to meet any need.

Never stop learning how to make the most of those dumbbells. When you think this is all there is, go out and learn one more new routine. Just as machines add variety to workouts, those dumbbells will do the same. There are books, videos, trainers at the gym, and all sorts of ways to discover new routines. That rack of dumbbells will never grow stale, especially if you develop a policy now to always be open to learning one more routine.

Why wait any longer? Get your first set of dumbbells and start working out. Make that item at the top of your list of things to do today. Set up a schedule to use the dumbbells and keep it religiously. Other things can wait while you get in top condition. As your body tones and you feel more energetic, up the weight to 100 or more. The more you use those dumbells, the better the view in the mirror will look to you.

This set gives you the flexibility to change the weight of your dumbbell from 10 pounds (including the weight of the bar and the collar) up to 100 pounds. To buy a set of separate dumbbells featuring this weight, you would typically have to spend well over $1,000.

With over 30,000 reviews on Amazon, 84 percent of them are 5 stars. And when compared with other dumbbells of the same weight, the price point (just under $25 for a single dumbbell) is much better than most, coming in at about $1.25 per pound.

The lack of a rubber coating also helps with space savings. While a set of 12 pairs of dumbbells will always take up space, these have a slightly smaller footprint than most rubber-coated products on the market.

In addition to the dumbbell handles, the system also features pushup handles, a barbell connector, and a kettlebell bar that enable you to turn your basic plates and dumbbells into a weighted barbell and kettlebells, too.

Because foam floats in water, performing exercises with these dumbbells submerged beneath the surface requires you to push and pull against the water, creating resistance as you go. The more foam and the harder you push or pull the dumbbell increases the intensity of the workout.

Online retailers like Amazon are a great place to look for inexpensive dumbbells, especially if you want to purchase a new set. That said, remember that dumbbells are all basically cast iron metal that may or may not have a protective coating. These materials can last (and last well) for decades.

You can always look for cheaper dumbbells at garage sales, second-hand sporting goods stores, and online marketplaces. In some cases, you may even be able to find gyms looking to offload their old dumbbells when purchasing a new set.

Using free weights such as weight plates and barbell sets, dumbbells or kettlebells incorporates the stabilising muscles that enable you to perform the exercise movement, making you more effective in producing overall muscular strength and power. Thanks to the lack of restriction that you would otherwise have with weight machines, you can perform a wider range of exercises that carry over to everyday life, whilst allowing your body to move throughout all three planes of motion.

Strength training with dumbbells and weights is fun, varied and gives you the opportunity to shape your dream body. With barbell or dumbbell sets, you have the ideal equipment for your strength training in the home gym. A variety of training options with dumbbells and free weights allow you to customise your dumbbell training according to your needs. Find the right dumbbell for your training goal, start your dumbbell training at home and strengthen your muscles with the right dumbbells and weights.

If you decide to buy dumbbells, there are a few things you should consider to find the right product for you. Therefore, it is worth getting to know the different dumbbells, plates and bars before you buy them so that you can do optimal Strength training training at home.

Dumbbells are strength training equipment that can be used to perform free exercises in particular. They combine 2 weights via a short or long bar and allow for a wide range of use in sports. Dumbbells are often used to make exercises such as squats more intense and to increase strength and muscle mass. They are particularly suitable for use in the home gym due to their small footprint and versatility. By using several dumbbells or as a plug-in system with freely selectable weight plates, you can also use dumbbells in a versatile and individual way as your training progresses.

With Dumbbells the weights are connected by a short handle bar, which is usually moved with one hand. The diameter of the dumbbell bar is almost invariably 30 mm. There are dumbbells both as a plug-in system as well as firmly connected to so-called compact dumbbells. These are available in various shapes and are ideally covered with rubber to protect the contact surfaces during training.

If you choose a set of barbells, dumbbells and weight plates, all bars and weight plates have a 30 mm diameter to allow for a universal combination. Dumbbell sets are especially good if you want to combine different barbell and dumbbell exercises in one workout.

For exercises that require a light intensity, Neoprene dumbbells. Their soft surface and ergonomic handles make them particularly comfortable to use. Therefore, use neoprene dumbbells to intensify gymnastic exercises or as running dumbbells.

To combine the variability of a dumbbell set with the simplicity of compact dumbbells, special dumbbells like the Smartlock Dumbbell Set offer the best solution. Here you select the desired weights by turning the dumbbell handle and can complete numerous exercises with them. With the Smartlock dumbbell set you only need one pair of dumbbells for up to 8 weight settings. This eliminates the need to place weight plates on top of each other, saving you space and training time.

Dumbbell training is the best way to increase your strength and muscle mass. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness professional - with different dumbbells or variable weight plates for dumbbell or barbell training, you can optimally dose the intensity of your workouts. This makes dumbbell training a form of training that is generally suitable for everyone and adapts to your fitness level.

If, on the other hand, you prefer high-intensity circuit training with many exercise changes in a very short time, Compact dumbbells are the better choice. With these dumbbells, the defined weights are permanently mounted and therefore ready for immediate use. 041b061a72


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