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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare !!INSTALL!!

Battle your way to supremacy, the third downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: advanced warfare. Four unique mp maps take the fight around the globe, enabled by the new Exo grapple playlist. Exo zombies part three: carrier introduces a new playable character, advanced weaponry, and devastating traps and more to the co-op experience.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE is set about 40 years in the future, in a world where a private American military contractor called Atlas has become as powerful as the government's military. Employed to help quell obvious good-vs.-evil conflicts in foreign lands including South Korea and Nigeria, the fight eventually becomes grayer as the battlegrounds move closer to home. Players take on the role of Mitchell, a marine dismissed from service after suffering a serious injury in combat. Atlas provides Mitchell with a new home, using advanced technology to return him to fighting condition. As part of Atlas' growing army, Mitchell is equipped with futuristic equipment, including a highly advanced exoskeleton that allows him to leap great distances, cloak himself, grapple up walls, and smash through metal doors. Beyond the campaign, players can engage in a variety of multiplayer modes. Competitive play is similar to previous Call of Duty games, allowing players to customize and upgrade their soldiers as they earn experience. Cooperative play pits teams of up to four players against increasingly challenging waves of enemies, forcing them to work as a team to survive for as long as possible.

Sledgehammer Games' first kick at the Call of Duty can -- the first game in Activision's prolific military shooter franchise to be developed by a new studio in eight years -- is significantly different from other entries in the series. The introduction of an advanced exoskeleton suit dramatically alters the way players make their way through environments, adding a new degree of mobility and verticality. And with special abilities such as cloaking and threat grenades that paint targets behind cover, plus some slightly sci-fi weapons such as a powerful directed energy rifle, the action is distinctively futuristic. The differences are particularly evident in multiplayer mode, where exo-abilities such as boost jumps and hovering in mid-air force players to be more aware than ever of threats from above. It's a refreshing and fun change of pace for the franchise -- though it's clearly geared for players looking for faster-paced, arcade-like action than simulated warfare. 041b061a72


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