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[S1E10] Decks And Violence ##BEST##

Anthony Bell, Joe Horne, Seung Eun Kim, and Kalvin Lee served as directors, and series creator Aaron McGruder, Rodney Barnes, and Yamara Taylor served as writers for season one. All episodes in season one originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim, and are rated TV-MA for graphic violence and dangerous activity involving children, explicit language (mostly heavy use of racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs, as well as bleeped-out profanity), and infrequent instances of strong sexual content, with the exception of "The Itis", which was rated TV-14 for drug references and moderate violence.

[S1E10] Decks and Violence


When three men who claim they are members of the Brotherhood Without Banners show up requesting provisions, the Hound warns Brother Ray that they should be ready for the trio to retaliate against them for failing to comply with their demands. But Ray refuses, insisting that violence is not the answer. Later, while the Hound is in the forest chopping wood, the group returns and murders everyone in the village, including Brother Ray. Upon discovering the massacre, the Hound angrily retrieves an ax and sets out to take his vengeance.

After John and Dr. Kreizler found a track on a potential suspect, Sara was assigned the task of going to New Paltz to gather information in the man's birthplace. There she met Eliza, a young woman sent to guide her whilst investigating in town. This is how Sara came to discover the sad past of Japheth Dury. As a child he had been abused by both parents. The father was a preacher prone to sermons on damnation and violence, often showing people photographs of bodies mutilated by the natives. Japheth disappeared when Mr. Dury and his wife were savagely killed, and the local people blamed a Native American tribe, accusing them of kidnapping the boy as well. This story was confirmed by Sheriff Early. 041b061a72


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