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Thai tamarind family

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Ghosted Subtitles Hungarian 'LINK'

Video captured from analog sources can have luminance variations in the picture due to dephased signal reception. This can create a "ghosting" effect. Use the ghost reduction filter to adjust luminance levels and re-align ghosted images.

Ghosted subtitles Hungarian

Download Zip:

Maybe you need a caption in a certain clip, or your subject is speaking in another language. Use the subtitle filter to create your own subtitles that will be encoded into the movie. Be careful! These subtitles can't be turned off once you output your video.

Get Mate's Chrome extension to translate words right on web pages with an elegant double click. Or, by highlighting a sentence. Or, even Netflix subtitles. Join the 800,000 folks who are already translating faster.

Bob Le Flambeur (O.G.C./Studios Jenner, 1956). Dir: Jean-Pierre Melville. Cast: Isabelle Corey, Roger Duchesne, Daniel Cauchy. (100 min., sd., b/w, 35mm; LC Coll. In French with English subtitles).

Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (Fiction Cinematografica, 1982). Dir.: Bernardo Bertolucci. Cast: Anouk Aimee, Ugo Tognazzi. (116 min., sd., color, 35mm; LC Coll., courtesy Warner Bros. In Italian with English subtitles).

WR-the Mysteries of the Organism (Neoplanta Film, 1971). Dir.: Dusan Makavejev. Cast: Milena Dravic, Ivica Vidovic, Jagoda Kaloper. (90 min., sd., color, 35mm; LC Coll. In Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles).

Descendant of the Sun (Shaw Brothers 1982). Dir.: Chu Yuan. Cast: Erh Tung Sheng, Chung Chu Hung, Ku Kuan Chung. (92 min., sd., color, 35mm; LC Coll., courtesy Shaw Brothers. In Chinese with English subtitles).

That's the Way I Like It (Chinarunn, 1998). Dir.: Glen Goei. Cast: Adrian Pang, Medaline Tan, Dominic Pace. (95 min., sd., color, 35mm; LC Coll., courtesy Chinarunn. In English and Hokkien with English subtitles).

Woman in the Dunes (Toho, 1964). Dir.: Hiroshi Teshigahara. Cast: Hiroki Ito, Kyoko Kishida. (123 min., sd., b/w, 16mm; LC Coll., courtesy Milestone. In Japanese with English subtitles). 041b061a72


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