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3d Movies Player For Mac

The movie industry cannot thrive without 3D technology. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters in 3D, becoming the first 3D film in the Star Wards franchise. Terminator 2 was presented in 3D in 2016, too. 3D tech makes movies more fantastic than ever. Now, movies buffs don't have to go to theater to enjoy 3D movies, you can watch 3D movies on Mac without 3D screen. To do this, you need: 3D glasses, 3D player for Mac, movie resources in 3D, and maybe a 3D converter for Mac.

3d Movies Player For Mac

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With increasing numbers of 3D blockbusters, more and more Mac media players are updated to support playing 3D films on Mac. Below we share the best 3D player for Mac and guide on how to watch free 3D movies on Mac computers. Pick up your favorite one.

5KPlayer, a new 3D video player, lets you play 3D movies in MP4, MKV, MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, 720P/1080P, 4K UHD, any formats and res on Mac without any hassle. It guarantees enhanced image quality, cool! Better still, it is 100% free.

Tutorial: Step 1: Free download the free 3D player for Mac and launch it.Step 2: Click "Video" icon to load your 3D movie content. And enjoy your 3D blockbusters directly.

Still, the 3D film players above do more than playing 3D movies on Mac, it also works as great 4K UHD 3D video players, empowering you to watch HD, 4K UHD movies, movies in 3D with the best viewing effects.

Few video players can truly handle movies playback without format compatibility issues. A 3D video converter helps you get over the format limits hurdle and watch 3D movies on macOS or 3D-capable TV, phones, tablets more pleasantly. MacX Video Converter Pro does the job perfectly. It converts HD/4K 3D movies in MKV, MTS, AVCHD and others to MP4, AVI, MOV, etc with untouched output image quality. The unique level-3 hardware acceleration enables to give 5x faster conversion speed than common programs deliver.

1. 3D movie content provider: Netflix, MovieTube, Sony PlayStation Network, Amazon, Vudu,, Comcast Xfinity 3D, 3DGo. All these 3D movie streaming services allows you to online stream3D movies at a low cost. For example, you are free to watch Netflix 3D movies on Mac only if with some tips.

2. Best 3D movie download sites: KickassTorrents,,, torrentz. You are at a risk of being attacked by virus, malware while downloading movies via online movie torrent download sites. Forget to tell you, the 3D movie converter, MacX Video Converter Pro can download 3D HD Blu Ray movies. It is fast and has no virus, spam, ads.

You must be searching for a free 3d Video Player; that is why you landed at this page. Watching a 3D movie at home theatre with family is really an awesome experience. You would even love to enjoy 3D content on your TV with some external support on that big screen. But to do this, you will require a good quality 3D video player that is compatible with PC or Mac. No doubt, you will find unlimited softwares online but it is always advised to use a trustworthy and compatible solution with virus free service. The article below will provide you to choose one of the best free 3D video player out of a big list, so keep reading.

Bino 3D player is designed with so many features like incredible support to stereoscopic 3D videos and multi display video content. It makes virtual reality installations easier for users at home and also allows easy controls for multi projector setups. Some advanced features include automatic controls for color input/output, scriptability and ability to play content from two cameras at a time. Bino 3D video player works efficiently on Window, Mac OS X, Free BSD, Linux and GNU like platforms. You can access all interesting features of this software tool for free and its crystal clear content quality makes 3D viewing experience much memorable.

As the name says, this player is capable enough to play 3D videos but at the same time it supports other video formats and can also handle basic 3D conversions. There are so many clean, impressive and user friendly features with a large 3D playback button at bottom of the screen. Keep your glasses ready and hit the 3D button to play your favorite movie; you will be glad to know that it can convert the anaglyph version of 3D videos into red and blue.

Numbers of popular professionals use this 3D video player for their routine needs because it extends support to almost all popular video file formats. You will get NVIDIA 3D glasses with this software tool that makes 3D content more interesting. This player can also display pictures whereas the super easy interface makes playback buttons easy to approach. It also contains a basic editor tool that can be used for some basic needs like zooming and cropping. You will definitely love to add watermarks to your customized videos using 3D Vision Video Player copyright options.

This super easy freeware video player supports all popular file formats and also makes 2D movie playbacks more interesting. KM Player can also do conversion from 2D video to 3D video by simply adding few anaglyph effects to content; so you can enjoy great quality with 3D glasses. It also allows users to customize their playback interface using skins and one can also add albums art to make their audio recordings more interesting. Using KM platform, you can easily share your videos on cloud with one click.

This is a well known open source 3D video player; you can definitely access it for free with all unique features. Currently VLC is being used by most of window users and it can play almost any video file format along with DVD support and is capable enough to handle live streaming. The only drawback is that it cannot play BluRay discs. Its fancy navigation screen will assist you with easy controls and you can also enjoy some basic video editing like rotating and cropping.

Here is one more sophisticated 3D playback tool for you that can play all you 3D movies whether they are saved on your PC or streamed online. This classic software tool currently finds wide range of applications like in museums and hospitals. Thebest part is that DepthQ Player also extends support to 3D motion type console that is itself a big adventure. Users can download the trail version for basic understanding and later continue with high definition content on full featured version. It extends support to Plasma TVs, Projectors and 3D glass view.

WinDVD Pro 12 offers a crystal clear 4K video support with its modern and clean interface. This 3d video player is well known for its abilities to process content with high frame rate for BluRay, DVD playback as well as for other 3D videos. It is designed with highly powerful audio and video controls that ensure theatre like feeling at home and the impressive 4K delivery leads to eye catching impressions on screen. Users can make easy adjustments for noise reduction, boost audio levels, adjust content for higher frame rate and enjoy rich quality for Dolby Audio collections. It is also possible to convert simple standard videos into high quality 3D videos to achieve theatre like experience at home.

It is one of the simplest and beginner friendly 3D video player. It can play 2D videos with high quality content support whereas 3D settings are auto adjusted for Mac and Window devices. There is no doubt to say that 5K Player can deliver spectacular experience for 3D movies. You can also save as well as play Netflix 3D movies using this software tool and download videos with 720P as well as 1080p resolution support.

Brorsoft Studio designed this application for the Mac users who wish to easily and quickly convert clips on their computers. This utility also provides you with various video editing options, helps you extract soundtracks from your favorite movies...

There are a lot of 3D SBS or side-by-side movies on the Web, but is it possible to enjoy them without springing for a 3D monitor? The short answer is yes, and the only thing you will need apart from your Mac that you might not have is some cheap cardboard red/cyan 3D glasses. Even cool plastic ones are available very cheaply.

Converting movies from SBS to an integrated format like red/cyan involves considerable loss of quality plus TIME because it takes ages to process. But the good news is the software out there helps you view these videos without conversion.

Ever since the commercial success of The Matrix, 3D movies have rose in popularity. However, it is a more comfortable and affordable alternative to watch 3D movies at home instead of in cinemas, as you do not need to spend so much money and can enjoy the immersive experience at your home. In fact, all you need is a computer and the right 3D video player. Here in this article, you will learn top 8 best video player software support 3D playback on computer.

VLC is a famous video player available to Windows, Mac and Linux. The developer team also introduced the 3D playback capacity into the latest version. So, it is a free 3D player for variety of platforms.

KM Player is another free 3D Blu-ray and DVD player for PCs released by a Korea software company. Recently, the developer launched a beta version for Mac platform as well, though it is not very stable now.

Pot Player is another free video player that supports 3D movies. According to our research, this 3D player is pretty safe to use and virus free. Moreover, the video and audio playback quality are awesome.

Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player is a video player designed to let you enjoy stereoscopic movies from the comfort of your home computer. It supports both 3D and regular movies, as well as digital photos.

To watch 3D videos in VR headset, you need a 3D movie, a smartphone and a mobile VR headset. Transfer the movie to your mobile device and configure the VR headset. Then you can watch it with a 3D video player app.

This post has identified and shared top 8 best 3D video player software for PCs and laptops. They all have some unique benefits and advantages. WinDVD Pro 12, for example, can convert 2D into 3D with one click. If you just want to play regular videos, Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player is enough to meet your need. More importantly, it is completely free to use. More questions? Please write down below.


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