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Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

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Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

@RogerRoger Disappointed by Jedi Outcast?!?!?! I love both of these games so much haha. Jedi Outcast is one of my favorites ever, but I do love Academy too. Yeah, the mission structures are wildly different, and almost all of them are a ton of fun! I'd absolutely include this in the greatest star wars game convo. Jedi Knight 1 & 2 &Academy, Rogue Squadron, KOTOR. Republic Commando? There's a ton!

I definitely liked the older days of star wars games a ton more. I used to love all the old FMV ones. I must have beaten Rebel Assault 2 like 20 times. Anytime I play the new ones, I hold up to how much I loved the old ones, and they just never hold up for me. Jedi Fallen Order was pretty good, but I wish EA had done more with the license up to this point. Very disappointed in how that's gone down. Misstep after misstep since Disney purchased the property

Yeah, it seems like we absolutely agree on the state of star wars haha. I'm wayyyy into the expanded universe. I have every single book from the old canon and I'm reading my way through them, and sure some of the books are bad, but a ton of them are amazing, whereas the new canon books, everything's either "perfectly fine" or bad. With 1 or 2 exceptions. It's really disheartening.

All my peak excitement over star wars these past few years has been stuff that either got re-released or things I just never got around to until now (the older books). I'm very excited about Racer as well. I played the hell out of that game growing up!

Oh, I feel you. I grew up on all the "golden age" star wars games, so their feeling dated is easy to ignore if you've played them for years. I had the same problem you did with the first Metal Gear Solid. I never played it as a kid, and trying to play it now, I just couldn't stomach it! KOTOR definitely hasn't aged as well as some of the other games haha.

Most of the Disney stuff is either bad or mediocre, but not ALL of it! One newcomer is amazing! Any chance you get to read Claudia Gray's star wars stuff, take it! She's amazing! Other than her, the rest of the good new canon books seem to be from people who wrote in the old canon too (Luceno, Zahn).

Yeah, Luceno is one of the best at unifying disparate areas of the old canon. He wrote the Darth Plageuis book, which I think is the best star wars book period. The book is so good that it actually makes the prequels better movies! Yeah Claudia Gray was a Star Wars newcomer under Disney, and she's great! Oh hey, me too! I loathe digital books. Paper or nothing! Having every legends books takes up a lottttt of shelf space lol. 041b061a72


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