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Bid Or Buy Bookshelf !!LINK!!

In order to choose a shelf that suits you and your home, you should consider several questions. Into which room are you planning to put the shelf? How much space does it provide? Are there any niches, inclined walls, floor strips or other features which should be paid attention to? What colour and style do other pieces of furniture in the room have? Is there a specific budget? Your answers to these questions provide the framework for making a right decision. Within this framework, you can choose the perfect bookshelf!

bid or buy bookshelf

The Paperback shelving system by Spectrum and the Conceal book holder by Umbra are truly unusual bookshelves. Discover many more exceptional designer shelves: a wall shelf that consists of different-coloured boxes, large wooden shelves connected by flexible steel brackets, or organic modular containers which, when combined together, not only create a retro-looking bookshelf, but also can serve as a room separator. Indeed, bookshelf design knows no limits.

The fall books season has arrived, not just for exhibition catalogs, but for scores of new titles boasting cutting-edge art, new projects, and new ways to line one's bookshelf. Here are our picks for what to read and why. 041b061a72


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