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Google Chrome Portable Rar

Note that other portable browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition do not have any of the issues mentioned above. These issues are specific to Chrome due to Chrome's design and not something we can work around without fixes to the base app by the Chrome developers.

Google Chrome Portable Rar

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The web browser has evolved over the years to become one of the most dominant computing platforms in the world of today. In fact, many legacy desktop applications have developed versions that are cloud-based. This is an excellent development because it allows you to take your applications with you everywhere you go. Computing tasks possible with the web browser is no longer browsing and email only. Word processing, graphics design, email, and virtually any other computing task can be done with the web browser. This application is the portable version of the leading browser in the world today -Google Chrome. It inherits all the features of the standard application except that this version does not require installation. You can simply copy the file on your portable device and launch your favorite browser on any desktop device.

A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

Bernat:As you can see, Google changed Omaha installer system. Therefore URLs can't redirect last version. (Only working for canary version)I'm still very trying to find new URL pattern. As soon as I detected it, I will write to here. Best Regards.

Hi Bernat, can we just download the srware_iron/chrome directly and then use your installer to create the portable like it used to be?Downloading from your installer is just way to slow from Indonesia. Just so you know.Gracias!

When I set Google chrome portable as default browser, following link is used to use as default brower. D:\PortableApps\ChromePortable\App\Chrome\chrome.exe --profile-directory=DefaultD:\PortableApps\ChromePortable\App\ChromeIt's very curious why this happens, and it's more work for me because I have to set up my bookmarks and extensions, as well as some other customized options. Is there any way to resolve this?

Don't set Chrome itself to be default browser otherwise launcher is no more used and it is no more portable.Try to link to launcher ChromePortable.exe by editing link with:D:\PortableApps\ChromePortable\ChromePortable.exeD:\PortableApps\ChromePortable

I am using portable chrome as well as many other portable apps on my desktop instead of standard installation's just better that's lighter, faster,and everytime I format the computer,portable apps are still saves a lot of time.

Bernat,I'm none the wiser after reading Support.When I browse to & try to install Chromium Portable in chrome-win32 folder I get the following message. Am I supposed to create subfolders & or something else?

Thanks, Bernat.Your chrome portable is OK.I tested non-portable Chrome Dev and found the same bug (also was leaving some files outside non-default profile location), so I reported this to Chrome developers:Issue 399993: SwiftShader component is installed in %LOCALAPPDATA% instead of specified user-data-dir =399993

You can use pepperflash from chrome with portable chromium, "ChrOpera", Vivaldi and Iron.Just copy pepperflash folder from a chrome portable installation and edit [appname].ini like this: or launch [appname]portable.exe with command lines pointing to pepperflash location:--ppapi-flash-path="E:\[fullpath_to_pepperflash]\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll" --ppapi-flash-version=

Hello everyone,I've noticed that my portable version of Chrome is no longer portable. My last version was 35.0.1916.153Now I wanted to update so I ran "ChromePortableInstaller-online". Since yesterday I tried to work with version 37,39,41,42 but none those versions seems to be working - what I mean - after that I have no personal settings or extensions kept. The same situation appears when I try to run it from other computer. Any idea what this means?

Thank you for pointing at the "Data folder". I have had clean "portable installation" zipped from the past. So my experiment took a while and finally it works now. What I had to do was start from the beginning from the version 37 (where the "Multiple Sign-in Access" was introduced), and then install all extensions again, synchronize bookmarks and then update with version 41. All works now. thanks

Same problem of calibre: i have download your chromeportableonline.exe, file setup from _chrome_installer_win64.exebut the installer required access to web!Where I put my chrome installer .exe for run setup extractor?

Open Chrome_Portable_MultiVersion_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe with 7-Zip and extract App folder and ChromePortable.exe in a ChromePortable folder.Create a Chrome64 folder in App.Open 48.0.2564.103_chrome_installer_win64.exe with 7-Zip and extract chrome.7z in a temp folder.Open chrome.7z with 7-Zip and open Chrome-bin folder: extract chrome.exe in Chrome64.Open 48.0.2564.103 folder (in Chrome-bin) and extract its content in Chrome64.Finaly create a 0 byte file "First Run" (without extension) in Chrome64.

Bernatfor your info, new version of chrome can copy bookmarks from firefox but it copy nothing. no data has been copy by chrome. when i used firefox version 47.0 or 47.0.1, chrome can easily copy all bookmarks from firefox. hope you will look into it

Hi Bernat, I just drop by here to inform you that there's a new web browser out called Brave, and it does not use Google ads etc, it's created by the same people that started Firefox. I hope you may help to make its portable version :) thanks a lot for all your releases all these years!!

Download Chrome_Portable_MultiVersion_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe was completed.Execute that exe file.Download 69.0.3497.92_chrome_install.exe was 100% completed.After finishing everything, I moved to installed folder.On directory, D:\ChromePortable\App\Chrome\I found only 2 files. that was First Run & chrome.exeThat's allI've tried more than 10 times.What's the matter with this install problem?

Tested working.You should have 24 files and 7 folders in Chrome folder.Some files with size in bytes:chrome_child.dll 66629976chrome.dll 47795032chrome.exe 1378648Perhaps a problem of space on your drive (or copy speed).Try to install on another drive.

Hi my friendI live problems in vivaldi and chromium portable versions For this siteI no hear sound but it work to installable edge and firefox and opera Some times it works(I hear) sometimes does not work -trt-1-dirilis-ertugrul-130bolum-fragmani-planlari-altust-eden-olumalso I have similar problem on busuu

I Tried again in a few minute agoAllowMultipleInstances=truein ChromiumPortable.iniBut it is same results. However I Fixed it by downloading GoogleChromePortable.exe from portableapps GoogleChromePortable.exe size is larger s than ChromiumPortable.exe it is 374 kbAlso qtranslate's copy text module isn't working it when run ChromiumPortable.exeI triedProfileDirectory=Data\ChromiuminGoogleChromePortable.iniworks it

Bonsoir,j'utilise ChromePortable sur un même pc avec deux systèmes 64 : WIndows7 et windows10A chaque fois que je lance chrome portable sur un OS différent, il perd le compte associé, les extensions .... idem pour SlimjetPortable ....Merci d'avance pour votre aide

Merci Bernat mais ça ne marche pas ...Sur mon PC j'ai deux disques système un en windows10 l'autre en windows7Suivant le boot il changent de C en DJe configure dans un systeme chrome avec mon compte google (synchro) qui réinstalle toutes les extensions. Si je reutilise chrome pas de pb je recupère chrome configuré avec un historique du cache ...Par contre si je passe sur l'autre système, je perds toute la config de chrome et l'historique, il faut que je re-synchronise mon compte google et ensuite réinstallation des extensions etc ...J'ai essayé avec un chrome installé sur les deux systèmes avec la commande "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir="d:\ChromeUserData" et "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir="c:\ChromeUserData" sur l'autre système, mais j'ai le même problème, au changement de système chrome ne se connecte pas avec mon compte et il faut refaire une synchroJe ne sais pas si mon problème est "solutionnable", je suis entrain de migrer progressivement vers windows 10 et je voulais utiliser chrome sur chaque système en continu comme je peux le faire avec Firefox.Merci de votre aide et pour vos app-portables qui me simplifient souvent la vie ...


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