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Buy Beach Towels ((TOP))

Depending on the size of the towel, you can fold it in half or thirds, or roll it up for storage or packing. If your beach towel comes with a pouch to store it in, you will likely need to fold it four or five times to fit in the bag. Before you fold up a beach towel to store for a while, be sure to let it dry all the way through to avoid that musty towel smell that can come from towels made of synthetic fabric like microfiber.

buy beach towels


Patent-pending fabric technology, thoughtful design, and a lot of Aussie style go into every single Tesalate towel. With over 1 million sold and 40,000 5-star reviews, find out why Tesalate is one of the world's most popular towels.

The Cape Beach Towel is super absorbent, quick drying, over sized (45" X 63"), compact, and sand resistant. The sand does not stick, even when it's wet! No more soggy sand filled beach towels. This towel is super compact and will fit easily into any beach bag with room for more. Each are made from 20 recycled plastic bottles and these towels will dry you off better and dry quicker than any regular cotton beach towel. Each towel comes with a carrying bag and a hang hook. ??

I purchased this towel for a trip to Hawaii. I wanted something multipurpose and it didn't disappoint. Because it's not thick it dried quickly, took little room up in my suitcase and bag during day outings. It worked as a beach cover up, protection for my shoulders when they got a little too much sun and as a light blanket (I could even see me using this on the plane). I got a pretty pink color and plan to get a few more for the family.

Initially bought the hand towel for my bathroom and loved it, but wanted to try out a different brand with a different pattern. The other brand arrived and it was subpar to the WetCat. I immediately returned it and went back with WetCat. Will def buy more for the beach.

Any beach area town will have stores with all the supplies, including towels, that you'll need. Many people use rollable straw mats, which are easier, since they do not need washing. You can just use a very small hand towel from your hotel if you go the mat route. With the dry air in Greece, you won't be wet for very long.

BTW, you say you're doing carry-on (I assume a rollaboard 20" or 22" suitcase), you also can bring on a "personal bag" the size of a sizable "tote" ... For my Greece trips I bring a tote with shoulder length handles, about 14" x 20". Inside, I carry my "dagbag, phone, magazine, paperback, snacks, AND my lightest-weight beachtowel, which then becomes my neckpillow for sleeping....

Sand? I don't remember seeing any sand on the beaches. I must admit I didn't get to the beach in Nafplio though. Also, will you have room in your bags for beach towels while you're touring in Greece?

We always take a couple large RS microfiber towels that weigh next to nothing. Takes up little space. It has multiple uses: great for the beach, useful for rolling wet clothing in after washing in sink before hanging clothes to dry, serves as a great "tablecloth" for picnics, etc.

Many useful ideas. Yes we will be carrying the towels around Greece - they can fit in our bags, I was just concerned about how much they might add to the girth and possibly weight apropos of airline restrictions. Trying to keep our backpacks light and small-looking (Osprey 46 Porters)... We will probably look for something cheap there and then leave them in Greece...I believe there are sandy beaches in some places, like Naxos, Crete, and maybe Nafplio, all of which we will visit.Thanks for the ideas everyone

Joann, you probably stayed in more upscale places .... if one stays in a small family-run place (10 - 20 rooms), beach-size towels are your own responsibility. Furnished towels come with higher room rate.

That first towel turned into an obsession with Turkish towels, and the start of The Bali Market, a company dedicated to providing the best Turkish towels - yes, from Turkey! - for people who want to minimize and simplify their lives with the highest quality cotton products. Bath towels, beach towels, guest towels, hand towels....I just couldn't get enough of this perfect towel.

It's the long flat woven fibers of Turkish cotton that make Turkish towels absorbent and of course hotel quality! [Fun Fact] Because they're thin, they also air dry super quick and are the perfect towel for both bath and beach!

You can use them both as bath towels AND beach towels. They're the perfect accessory for those beach days or a special pool day. We offer Turkish hand towels for bath and kitchen as well. You can easily use the same towel for the bath and the beach because the style suits both settings. You can use it as a travel towel because they're lightweight and easily fit in a carry-on bag while leaving room for clothes, shoes, and other travel necessities.

On the beach you can use it as a cute cover-up, sarong or as a dress. To pull off this beachy-boho look, try The Bali Market's Essential Stripe beach towels. Beach days have never been better! Turkish beach towels made from 100 percent turkish cotton are the ultimate beach towel.

I recommend using a baking soda wash and vinegar rinse once in a while to keep your towels super clean. Heat damages everything, especially natural fibers like cotton. You can use hot water, you just might see more wear in your towels over time.

Gilded Arrow is an exclusive collection of luxury beach and leisure essentials; specializing in one-of-a-kind towels, hand-loomed by artisans using Organic 100% Turkish Cotton with travel-inspired color palettes.

While the kids are busy playing in the pool or at the beach, you can sit back and relax with one of our favorite beach towels. Great for laying in the sun or drying off after a swim. Various price ranges for every budget. 041b061a72


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