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Buy Restaurant Los Angeles 'LINK'

2,000 sq ft Restaurant with 1,500 sq ft Outdoor Patio Garden - Beer & Wine, Espresso & Creative Food for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.RRC# 4493.Location: Los Angeles.Description:This restaurant is... More details

buy restaurant los angeles

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Value proposition.Cleanest restaurant in LA with a friendly staff, empowered to make decisions.Voted best hamburger in Socal by KABC Talk Radio.Favorite of LAFD, LAPD, CHP.Growth and expansion... More details

This semi-absentee operated pizza restaurant boasts a well-established high volume location. As the venue has stellar street visibility in a densely populated area,+35 years of goodwill and proven... More details

This Silverlake area restaurant and bar with liquor, onsite parking, excellent street.visibility boasts what may arguably be the most coveted outdoor patio in the area. has 2 separate... More details

This well-established family operated Greater Costa Mesa area restaurant and bar has been a customer favorite for over 5 decades and is being offered for the first time! The.spacious venue, that has... More details

Fire Sale!Location! Location! Location. This restaurant has a full-kitchen (brand new equipment), Beer & Wine license, a corner location in the heart of Fashion district, surrounded by lofts and... More details

This formidable 2 location restaurant chain with a proven concept operates from 2 of the most prestigious, high-profile locations that the city has to offer. One location is positioned to provide... More details

Absentee ownership (owner goes in twice a week). Over $8,000 Net Profit a month. An L.A. base franchise fast food burger restaurant, located on a busy street in Los Angeles, is available for sale... More details

Restaurant Meals is a CalFresh Program that allows you to use your Golden State Advantage (EBT) card to purchase prepared meals from participating restaurants. This program is available to you, if you meet one of the following conditions:

In a city known as a dynamic and delicious food metropolis, The Grand offers an ensemble of indispensable high end restaurants and casual all-day-eateries, each facing the stunning Walt Disney Concert Hall, serving the next generation of defining LA dishes.

The theory of creative limitation states that by proposing constraints upon a project or an idea, one gains the freedom to become more creative within those constraints. In the case of Kali, a restaurant in the Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles that opened in January, that limit is the border that divides California from the rest of the country. Within that fortunate constraint, the partners Kevin Meehan and Drew Langley have constructed a world as colorful, complex and wild as the Golden State itself... 041b061a72


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