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Rock Of Love Girls - Porn

The next day, the girls must split into two teams of six for their next challenge. The next challenge is to set up a stage and a green room for Daniella's rock musician husband, Gilby Clarke, and the team who performs the best job will be made safe from expulsion. Lacey, Megan, Brandi C., Jessica, Kristy Joe, and Destiney are on the first team. Destiney comments that her and Kristy Joe didn't really want to be on their team. Rodeo, Heather, Brandi M., Inna, Dallas, and Angelique are on the other team. Lacey takes charge of her team and they assemble their project quickly. Sharon and the deans state that while the other team has the brawn, Lacey's team definitely has the brains. Riki points out how well Megan is working because instead of carrying heavy items one at a time, she carries them on the rolling speakers. The other team carries the heavy items one at a time and takes a slower pace while following the instructions. Angelique quickly becomes confused and can barely help her team. She seeks help from Dallas, who barely helps her. Lacey's team ends up winning and they win the immunity. Back at the house, Dallas and Heather discuss how Angelique hurt their team. Megan and Brandi C. bring the vandalized pictures before Sharon, cry and accuse Brandi M. of being out to get them. Sharon is very disappointed with Brandi M.'s actions, especially that Brandi M. had drawn a penis in Brandi C.'s mouth on her picture. At elimination, Brandi M., Dallas, and Angelique are called down to the carpet. Sharon scolds Brandi M. and says her actions were childish and that she was on warning. Riki agrees, but understands why Brandi M. yelled at the girls and Brandi C. cries for being yelled at when she wasn't even at risk. Brandi M. is sent back to safety. Sharon cannot choose which of the two to send home, so she asks the rest of the girls on their team who they would send home. With the exception of Heather and Inna, all the girls agree Angelique should go home. Sharon agrees, and Angelique is expelled for not wanting to change.

rock of love girls - porn

When they arrive back at the mansion, Rodeo reports to Sharon's office to speak to her about the bracelet incident. Rodeo breaks down emotionally, explaining that she hates being called a liar. Sharon thinks Rodeo is "a lovely woman with a big heart", but worries about her emotions sometimes getting the best of her. Afterward, Sharon calls Megan into the office and asks her if she tried to cheat. Megan denies Rodeo's accusation. At elimination, Sharon calls down Inna, Lacey, Megan and Rodeo. After sternly disciplining Lacey and warning her to stop stirring up trouble, she tells her to step back with the other girls. Sharon focuses her attention on Megan, calling her a "conniving backstabbing little bitch", and warns her that her attempts of deception will fail. She then sends Megan back with the other girls as well. In Sharon's interview, she says that she has a strong desire to change Lacey and Megan, which is why they were not eliminated. It is then down to Inna and Rodeo. Sharon tells Inna to take pride in her appearance and spend some time in the morning on looking presentable, then sends her back. She eliminates Rodeo, saying that being in the house is doing more harm than good to her, and feels that Rodeo does not need Charm School as much as the other girls do. Dallas and most of the other girls are upset and feel that Megan staying is unfair because she lied and tried to cheat.

Later, a police officer arrives and administers breathalyzer tests to all the contestants. Kristy Joe has the lowest blood alcohol content estimate, while Dallas has the highest. The girls are grouped into teams of two based on their breathalyzer scores and are charged with making public service announcement (PSA) videos on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Heather and Kristy Joe are paired up for having the lowest alcohol score, Destiney and Jessica are paired for the next lowest scores, and Brandi C. and Brandi M. are paired for the third lowest scores, leaving Dallas and Lacey to be paired together. Heather and Kristy Joe are assigned to depict the dangers of alcohol on an unborn infant, and decide to use Britney Spears as an example, producing a video in the style of TMZ. Destiney and Jessica show the dangers of alcohol on the human body. For this, Destiney dresses in a hospital gown. Brandi C. and Brandi M. are chosen to depict the effects of alcohol on the libido, whereby Brandi M. engages in a mock session of making out using an inflatable sex doll. Dallas, disgusted to be paired with Lacey, sulks for half an hour, leaving Lacey to do all the work. At this point, Dallas realizes that she would only be sabotaging herself and she works with Lacey on their topic, to depict the dangerous situations to which alcohol abuse can lead. In the end, the judges pick Heather and Kristy Joe's PSA, awarding them immunity. At elimination, Lacey, Dallas, Brandi C. and Brandi M. are brought down to the carpet. The judges scold Brandi C. and Brandi M., calling their PSA pornographic, but decide to excuse them. Then, when addressing Dallas' behavior towards Lacey, Heather and Brandi C. argue loudly over the details of Lacey's behavior towards Dallas. Sharon sends Brandi C. out of the room for speaking out of turn. Sharon then tells Lacey that although she is disgusted with her behavior, she put out effort while Dallas let their dispute disrupt their work. Thus, Sharon chooses to expel Dallas.

Sharon has her hands full teaching the seven remaining girls the right way to find love. The girls learn several things to keep in mind when on a date, such as not talking about ex-boyfriends, taking things slow, and abstaining from sex early in the relationship. For their challenge, the girls must try to win over three eligible bachelors with just their personalities and not their looks. In order to accomplish this, Sharon has professional make-up artists make the girls appear less attractive. With the girls' new looks (and new names), they must win over the bachelors using the techniques they have learned. The three bachelors are Charlie O'Connell, Ace Young and John Wolfe. Kristy Joe struggles with this, realizing how much she relies on her looks when interacting with men, while Brandi M. and Destiney do very well. John and Charlie pick Brandi M. for a second date, while Ace picks Destiney. With a majority of the votes, Brandi M. wins the challenge and is safe from expulsion. In addition, she is allowed to pick a second girl to go to a club with the bachelors, dressed normally, while the others must go in their ugly make-up and clothing. Brandi M. picks Destiney, and Heather feels hurt that Brandi M. didn't pick her. At the club, Brandi C. drinks excessively, takes off her fake nose and wig, and makes out with John. Heather also gets drunk, while Destiney continues to make connection with Ace.

The next day, Brandi M. and Destiney receive a note that they have to write a speech on why they deserve to win. Later, the girls are invited to Sharon's mansion for lunch for some time with Sharon and tell her what they would do with the prize money. Destiney wants to go to school for fashion designing and open a bar, while Brandi M. listens intensely to Sharon explaining how she and husband Ozzy fell in love and yet they had nothing, but eventually got out of their slump and got rich and successful again. Back at the mansion, Destiney writes her speech quickly while Brandi M. struggles writing her speech. Before elimination, Brandi M. and Destiney find that Sharon has bought them beautiful dresses, shoes, and accessories for them to wear.

At the final elimination, Destiney gives her speech first. In her speech, Destiney admits on her time of Rock Of Love 2, she was trying to be cool and after her father died, it made her rethink of life and realize how precious life is and knows she needed to change and took this opportunity to learn and feels she now knows her direction her life and wants to go to school for fashion designing. Brandi M. begins reciting her speech on paper that she has fought so hard to stay on the show, and then rips up her speech and says she knows who she is as a person now and feels nobody is going to put her down anymore and feel depressed about it, and says she loves herself more. Sharon is incredibly torn between both girls. Sharon tearfully approaches both girls and finally gives the $100,000 check to Brandi M. saying she had her when she ripped up her speech and spoke from her heart. Brandi M. emotionally breaks down and is shocked she won. Daniella then gives Destiney an opportunity to work with her on her clothing line.

All the girls, except Raven, attended the reunion, which was hosted by Riki. Angelique is called down first and talks about not doing any more porn and is filming a "scary movie." Kristy Joe was not present with the other girls, until Riki tells the audience she wanted to show the world what she has learned. She comes out wearing the fat suit from the speed dating episode, and explains she doesn't judge people by their appearance anymore. She is working on her emotional problems and her personality for when she starts dating again.

Redeeming Love captures the beautiful story of what unconditional love truly looks like, especially when our sins may be too difficult for us to bear. Unfortunately, this poignant portrait of unconditional love also strays repeatedly into such provocative images that it might cause some who wrestle with pornography or sexual sin to stumble themselves.


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