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One of the pioneers of the modern Polish craft beer culture is Browar PINTA from the village of Wieprz in southern Poland. What started as small scale home-brewing, expanded to establishing a nomadic brewery back in 2011 and building a modern beer factory in 2019. From the beginning, PINTA has been boldly experimenting with brewing and marketing artisan beer and different beer styles. Another true pioneer of craft beer in Poland is Browar Artezan, who was the first to build their own brewing facility back in 2012. The growth and popularity of PINTA and Artezan, together with the influence of a few other microbreweries founded around the same time, has been a significant factor in shaping the Polish craft beer culture. These pioneer breweries have also been an inspiration to many home-brewers who have later turned their hobby in to a profession.

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Along with new, modern craft beer styles, Polish breweries have looked back to history, and brought to life traditional beer styles from different regions, such as Grodziskie, a smoked wheat beer, that has been brewed in western Poland for centuries. The more well-known traditional Polish beer style is the strong and dry Baltic Porter, that has also been brewed for a long time in some other countries by the Baltic Sea.

Craft Beer Nomads is a blog about artisan beer, microbreweries and craft beer culture in Europe and beyond. The blog is written by FinnsAway, a nomad couple who has been on the road since 2017, and enjoys tasting new craft beers all around the world.

Grupa Żywiec, associated with the Dutch Heineken, is the second beer producer in Poland in terms of market share. In 2017, the company had 27.4 percent market share. The most popular beer brands it produces are: Tatra (5.3% of market share in 2016) and Żywiec (5%).

In the 1950s, the label was altered to draw the attention of American Polonia (Polish diaspora in the US), with references to folklore and regional traditions. In Grupa Żywiec, almost every other litre of beer is exported abroad.

In order to keep up with the latest trends and raising popularity of craft beers, the Żywiec range has expanded tremendously. The classic pale larger is still inexpensive, but the specialty brews are a little bit pricier.

Today, there are thousands craft beer premieres every year (2457 new beers in 2018 alone), their market share is growing, but is still relatively small. With higher quality comes a higher price, and many consumers are not ready to pay more at this point.

This product can be only purchased in conjunction with other non-alcoholic goods available for purchase at our online store. The total value of the liquor in any single transaction can not be more than 75% of the total purchase in that transaction. The amount of beer, cider or wine is limited to a maximum of 9 liters per transaction. The maximum amount of liquor other than beer, cider or wine is limited to 2 liters per transaction.

Okocim O.K. Beer is more than just "O.K. Beer". It derives its quality from a recipe which incorporates the best of the indigenous Polish hop varieties, malted barley and pure spring water from the Tatra mountain range. The beer itself reflects the purity of these ingredients in its taste and is one of a handful of Polish brews that defined the "Polish Pils" style, which in turn separated Polish beers from the many other European brands. It is a light-to-medium-bodied beer that actually carries quite a bit of alcohol, though its aroma of floral Polish hops nicely masks this fact.

Tyskie Gronie is a successor of long centuries of beer brewing tradition in Tychy, dating back to the 17th century. Tyskie Gronie is a taste benchmark in the world of lagers. A perfectly balanced flavor profile delivers distinctive bitterness and a malty fullness, being a perfect thirst quencher at the same time.

A perfectly served Tyskie Gronie attracts attention with its thick, white head, clarity and color in the hue of light gold.A discerning beer drinker will sense in it malty notes, a delicate aroma of hops, and even apple-and-banana flavors.

We will reach for the classic, well-known and liked variations of the hop, not only from the USA. Some of them may seem converted to all of the possible ways, but we will try to prove that in beers which are brewed 2022 they still may taste great, but differently.

The PM project debuted in 2015 and from the beginning was dedicated to pubs and premiere beers were only available from barrels. Adjusting to the situation connected with the pandemic, in 2020 we have started to put PM into cans, which you can still find in the stores and pubs in Poland and abroad.

Polish beer is as loved a drink in Poland as vodka, if not even more. Let's learn where to find it, how to order it, and which to try! This may come as a surprise, but did you know that Poland is Europe's 3rd largest beer producer, and it's in the top 10 worldwide, coming after the UK and Germany?! If that doesn't say it all about the nation's love for Polish beer, I don't know what does!

Known since ancient Egyptian times, beer was one of the first alcoholic drinks made by men. Next to honey (yes, fermented honey!), it was the oldest alcoholic drink known to the Slavs. Beer was drunk during celebrations and important events, as well as with meetings, sometimes even with vodka on the side (as some tend to drink the two today, too!)

Kvass, the oldest type of beer, was prepared by soaking bread in boiled water with the addition of herbs. Then, in the Middle Ages, beer started being made from various cereals (but wheat mostly). It got so domesticated in the Polish culture and cuisine, that cooking fresh Polish sausage in beer and making beer soups even became common.

Taverns became the places to enjoy quality brewed beer and rulers began regulating brewing activities (like taxes and the conditions for becoming a master-brewer). The competition grew and every brewer wanted to be known for making the best Polish beer.

The love for Polish beer then had its ups and downs, depending on the times. At the end of the 19th Century, beer bottling went from cork to caps and this helped preserve the beer for longer. During World War I and World War II, brewing of Polish beer was kept low-key.

In 1990, after the introduction of the free market, breweries were privatized again and helped by foreign investments. Polish beer industry was free to bloom and create numerous Polish beer brands and focus on craft beers as well.

Polish non alcoholic beer is also available and represents an ever-growing market, as beer is so irreplaceable in numerous situations. To help you get more acquainted with Polish beer brands, here is a Polish beer list!

* Living the Dream adds Clarity Ferm to nearly all of their beers to make them gluten reduced. According to their website, this applies to everything but their wheat beers which they do not make gluten reduced. They are gluten full.

** I recently received an update from a reader that Uinta Brewing has transitioned from making gluten free beers, to making gluten reduced beers. I am not clear as to when this change was made, but please be advised if you were accustomed to their gluten free offerings.

New Belgian now has two gluten reduce beers; Holidaily Brewery has several gluten free beers, all of which are great; Cannonball Creek Brewery in Golden, CO has a rotating menu of gluten reduced beers; and as mentioned above, Stone Delicious IPA is awesome and is gluten reduced. Also, beers like Coors Light, Modelo Especial, Pacifico, Corona Extra, Tsingtao, and PBR, while not marketed as gluten reduced, have all been tested in the past for less than 20 ppm gluten.

Thank you for building this list!I recently found out I have celiac. When my doc told me no more beer I was crushed. Thanks to you, I see there are lots of beers that are gluten free.One of my favorites is Guiness, is Guiness gluten free?

Hi Lindsi.There is a brewery in Belgium that produces 2 gluten free beers; Mongozo Premium Pilsner and Mongozo Buckwheat White. My wife has Celiac disease and her favourite beer is the Mongozo Pilsner.On another note, Snowman brewery in Canada has ceased production. You should take it off your list.Regards,Andreas Nietmann

Moonlight Brewing in Santa Rosa is Gluten Reduced beer.Old Bus Tavern brews their own Gluten Reduced beer (and has good bites too).Berryessa Beer from Winters CA, but you can find it on tap all over the Bay Area

Hi Lindsi, have you heard of 9 white Deer Brewery out of Ireland? They have multiple great GF beers. Their stout is very similar to Guinness for those of us like myself who miss drinking Guinness.

How exciting! Can you email more information about the brewery, the taproom, and the beers you have available? It may be appropriate to add you to more than one of these lists. Is this a dedicated gluten free brewery?

Stoke NPA from Nelson New Zealand is a hand crafted gluten reduced beer with a certification level below 3 ppm. Not a big choice in New Zealand so its good to add a third to the list even if it not quite gluten free . It is just over half the cost of our other two certified gluten free beers.

Polish people drink vodka for the cereemony and al well beer. It is not truth somuch drink vodka. Dutch people not to much smoking the grass. Is important that the vodka is amazing goog fom Poland and chees is so good from Dutch.

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