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Josiah Morgan
Josiah Morgan

Steinberg Cubase 6.0.7 (Mac OSX).rar

i am using cubase 6.0.7 and prefix, density, density mkii, epic verb, ferric, and nasty dla. i am getting serious bsods in cubase every time i launch one of the five vos plugins. if i remove them from the vstplugins folder the bsods stop. at this time i have no idea how to isolate which plugin causes the bsod. also, it would be great if someone could test this for me and see if their computer crashes in the same way when trying to use any of the five vos plugins in cubase 6.7. i will hold off on pushing out the fix until this has been verified. thanks in advance. thanks again for the great plugins!

Steinberg Cubase 6.0.7 (Mac OSX).rar

i am having a problem with cubase and prefix plugin. i installed prefix. the plugin did not appear in the plug-ins window and so the plugin was not selected. i changed prefix plugin to be available and now the plugin is under the right plugins window. but, if i double click on prefix, the plugin appears under the plugins window but does not launch. i have attached a screenshot with the prefix problem.

 i am running xp sp2 and tried reinstalling prefix without success. prefix will not launch any longer. i removed it and tried again, still no luck. the only thing is that now prefix is listed as an uninstalled plugin but it is still in the plugins window. i can select it and it will show a message that it is uninstalled. are there any logs that i can check to see what the problem is? does anyone have any suggestions?

i have had no problems with the cubase prefix plugin up until this morning. now whenever i open the plug-ins window i see "prefix vst" under the "no vst plugins installed" category. i clicked on prefix again, but it says the plug-in is uninstalled, but is still showing under the category. however, if i go into the plug-ins and click on "prefix" there, nothing happens, but it shows up in the list of plugins. i have uninstalled the prefix plugin and the "prefix vst" which was showing and reinstalled it and this solved my problem. i think it must be the latest update to prefix. if anyone wants to try and reproduce this situation, please do. i need to resolve this problem so i can test a fix that i am going to put out.


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