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[S3E9] Who's Dead 'LINK'

Maybe I'm just bitter because I didn't call it myself, but this show really gets under my skin. The reveals always happen so fast that you question whether they are for real. Sadly, I think Wes being dead is pretty real.

[S3E9] Who's Dead

AMC's The Walking Dead came back fighting tonight with an opening that pit brother against brother in a gladiatorial battle of the Dixons. It looks like fans finally got an answer to the question of what would happen when Merle and Daryl were reunited and it was anything but what I expected. Things are starting to unravel in Woodbury as well as back at the prison, but it wasn't all dreary: tonight's episode even featured a quick undead cameo from former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward!

While all this is going on, Daniel Salazar is helping Lola become a leader at the dam. With Dante dead, she can now freely deliver water to the people, and Daniel accompanies her in the hopes of finding Ofelia among the gathering crowds. Despite their good intentions, this too unleashes the anger of the people, some of whom see Lola as selfishly hoarding the water supply. On their second drop-off, a group throws stones at Lola, forcing them to flee as the crowd turns into a mob and attacks the truck.

In their heads right now, Jen & Judy are a couple of outlaws. They really seem to be embracing the criminal life and have just taken it up a notch. They are, of course, in the clear now as a federal agent is dead and it is a powerful organization that is behind it. There is no way anything else matters for the authorities.

Rick's group returns, and Carol is dismayed to see Daryl is not with them, but understands why he would stay with Merle. Hershel tends to the wounded, while Rick goes to talk to Tyreese's group. Tyreese and Sasha plead with Rick to allow them to stay, but Rick is unwilling to give them a chance. Hershel speaks to Rick and has appeared to convince him to allow the newcomers to stay, when suddenly Rick has a vision of his dead wife Lori, and madly yells out "Get out" and "I can't help you!" Everyone is frightened by this outburst, and Glenn quickly escorts Tyreese's group out of the prison before the situation escalates further.

Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) looks to be dead. That's right, Riverdale went full-on The Revenant meets Game of Thronesand left its hero to bleed to death in a dusty old Canadian cabin after a bear attacked him in the woods. I didn't make any of this up.

5. The Farm is involved somehow. The least exciting option would be if Edgar Never Ever and his culty farm has some way to revive people from the dead. They allegedly make babies float over fires, and we don't actually know the full extent of the Farm's influence, so it's not out of the question that it might be able to get all that blood back in Archie's beautiful body where it belongs. The question is, if the Farm is the reason he survives this horrifying attack, will he join? Would he be like their messiah? Roberto, call me.

As previously mentioned, the episode wrapped up the Alchemy storyline. We learn years ago Julian started seeing visions of his dead sister. She told him to find the Philosopher's Stone so they could be together again. This led Julian on an archeological expedition in India to find it. He finds the stone in a small box, he opens it and unknowingly becomes Savitar's human conduit, Alchemy. Julian had no idea he's been Alchemy this whole time, as he confesses to Barry that he blacks out when Savitar takes over. Barry captures Julian early in the episode and by revealing himself as The Flash, he finally gains Julian's trust.

That night, Hershel tells Rick that Michonne won't be well enough to travel for another couple of days. The group agrees that the Governor will retaliate against them, and Carol predicts they'll be highly outnumbered and outgunned. With Daryl gone and Oscar dead, Hershel mentions that they could use some reinforcements, referring to Tyreese and his group.

The Starks, by contrast, are hopelessly wishy-washy. Arya won't let the Hound kill the old salt-pork vendor, even though "dead rats don't squeak," as the Hound succinctly explains. I was reminded of Brienne's decision to spare the fellow who spotted her and Jaime Lannister -- and who later turned them in. And though I'm a peaceful man who generally opposes using homicide to silence senior citizens, I'm beginning to think that, for the purposes of this show, slitting someone's throat is always the way to go. Hesitation is death.

What plays out as a cliché horror film, there's a mysterious dark figure stalking anyone who's benefitted from the tip, and what its victims do to get the force to stop is to refund or undo everything they made financially from it, some to disturbing results as one victim primarily benefits by paying for medical procedures. We also get a far more look at the abilities of the prophet Grace Ling (Li Jun Li), who will tie heavily into the season finale. Without giving anything else major away, the shocking conclusion was likely telegraphed given the depths we see Leland (Michael Emerson) and Sheryl (Christine Lahti) are willing to go to carry their plans.

After arriving home from a party, Janet Dutton starts brushing her teeth, only to have them start falling out. Soon after, her husband Paul finds her dead on the bathroom floor. Posing as investigators from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Sam and Dean interview Paul and search the house. Dean suspects Paul is lying about something, and Sam finds a hex bag hidden in the bathroom, indicating a witch was involved.

That night a woman, Amanda, casts a spell and Paul nearly dies while eating a burger that becomes infested with maggots. He is saved when Sam and Dean arrive and burn a hex bag they find in his car. When the spell unexpectedly ends, Amanda panics before being attacked by a mysterious force that slashes her wrists, causing her to bleed to death. Paul admits he had an affair with Amanda, which he had ended the previous week against her wishes. When Sam and Dean arrive at her home they find her dead, surrounded by the paraphernalia of witchcraft.

At the motel, Dean questions Sam as to why he is no longer concerned over taking human life. Sam admits he is trying to be more like Dean, to prepare himself for dealing with the demon war after Dean is dead. Suddenly Dean feels intense pain, and starts vomiting blood. They suspect it is a spell caused by the coven. Unable to find a hex bag, Sam grabs the Colt and takes off to confront the women. 041b061a72


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