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Ejercicios Packet Tracer Resueltos Ccna 2 ((LINK))

Now that the configuration is completed, you need to test it in order to make sure it works. The easiest method is to use actual hosts (if this is your network). However, in the interest to test this from the CLI and further explore some of the ASA's tools, use the packet tracer in order to test and potentially debug any problems encountered.

Ejercicios packet tracer resueltos ccna 2

Packet tracer works by simulating a packet based on a series of parameters and injecting that packet to the interface data-path, similar to the way a real life packet would if it was picked up off the wire. This packet is followed through the myriad of the checks and processes that are done as it passes through the firewall, and packet tracer notes the outcome. Simulate the internal host going out to a host on the Internet. This command instructs the firewall to:


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