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Second Life Griefing Tools

If paying twenty dollars for something in SL which enjoys them is a justification for defending RedZone, then you can defend any malicious Viewer Hack sold on the black market, too. For some people griefing and spy tools are VERY enjoyable, regardless the price.

Second Life Griefing Tools

Griefing is far from a new phenomenon in video games. It dates to the late 1990s, when it was used to describe the willfully antisocial behaviors seen in early massively multiplayer online games like Ultima Online and first-person shooters like Counter-Strike.[1][1] Frustrated users or mal-intentioned gamers have oftentimes tried to cause grief among other players in multiplayer servers they join, but many griefers just "do it for the lulz",[1] or just out of plain boredom.[2] An increase in organized griefing occurred with the creation of teams producing their own videos which popularized Minecraft griefing. Fortunately for server administrators, the increase in griefing has pushed the creation of numerous anti-griefing tools and techniques.


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