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Surgical Endodontics James L. Gutmann.epub

Surgical endodontics, commonly known as restorative endodontics, is the reconstructive surgical treatment of all kinds of dental decay that occurs within the tooth structure. The restoration of a tooth involves three basic procedures. The first is the complete removal of the diseased or injured tooth structure. The second is the restoration of the natural dentin of the cavity and the restoration of the protective coverings of the remaining tooth structure. The third step is the selective occlusion of the tooth to prevent excessive contact forces on the remaining tooth structure. It is important to try to prevent the exposure of the remaining tooth structure to forces that could further injure the remaining tooth structure.

Surgical Endodontics James L. Gutmann.epub

When considering the management of endodontic infections, it is important to understand that pathogenic microorganisms are always present in the oral cavity. These microorganisms may be trapped by dental restorative materials or in dental calculus and may be activated or stimulated by all kinds of trauma to the teeth. The true treatment of endodontic infections should be to eliminate bacteria and their toxins from the root canal in order to have a successful outcome. Many dentists and dental specialists erroneously believe that an antibiotic given to an infected tooth has the same properties as if it were given to the patient and they do not understand that the only way to fully eliminate bacteria and their toxins from the root canal is to surgically remove the infected pulp and root canal system. A real outcome in the treatment of endodontic infections is dependent on the elimination of bacteria and their toxins from the root canal system. In other words, the symptoms do not really represent the essence of the problem.


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