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Dog Eat Dog Strip Quarterback Uncensoredl

A British stunt-based Game Show from 2001 that also got a U.S. version in 2002; both were relatively Short-Runners, but they did have some class. Six contestants competed per episode; on the day before taping, the contestants had spent time at a training camp. The purpose of this was to allow contestants to evaluate one another's abilities, since the goal of the game proper is to vote on the contestant most likely to fail at a particular challenge. These often involved physical tasks, but sometimes involved mental challenges, trivia, or on the U.S. version, stripping. If the contestant manages to beat the odds and win, they get to send one of the contestants who voted for them to the Dog Pound (Called the "Losers' Bench" on the British version. Boring!), or else the contestant got sent to the Pound himself.

Dog Eat Dog Strip Quarterback Uncensoredl

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