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Chainsaw Man (Dub) Episode 9 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 with English dub will be released on Tuesday, December 20, 2022. The local time at which the episode will be available to stream on Crunchyroll depends entirely on where you are in the world, but it will drop at the same moment for everybody. With that in mind, here is the release time for the next installment in various time zones across the globe:

Chainsaw Man (Dub) Episode 9

Calling all Devil Hunters! Join Crunchyroll for a Chainsaw Man panel with the English dub cast that will have you totally revved up and ready for the upcoming hit anime! Featuring a conversation with the voice actors for Denji, Makima, Aki, and Power, as well as the exclusive US PREMIERE of the first episode dubbed!

Back in late October, GameRant took a second look at the premiere of Chainsaw Man, but this time in English. Though the first episode was razor-focused on Ryan Colt Levy's Denji, it was a productive focus that let audiences come to care for this character immediately, with much the same success as the Japanese version.

Ryan Colt Levy needs no introduction and what was to be said was more or less summarized in the preview dub review. Levy's performance balances this naturalistic, casual, and relatable dude with a more lively, loud, and sometimes chaotic attitude befitting the best protagonists. And when he's in chainsaw mode, he's downright frightening.

Suzie Yeung was already impressive as Makima in her appearance at the end of Episode 1, but her scene with Denji in Episode 5 was something special. Her grasp of the character and the power she has to hold over others through speech alone is sublime. In that particular episode, none of the warmth felt in her performance is lost for even a second, and neither is the frightening mystique behind her honeyed words.

Chainsaw Man episode 12 is releasing on December 27 at 9:00 AM Pacific/12:00 PM Eastern. That's 5:00 PM GMT in the UK. It'll be available in the west to Crunchyroll Premium users, so you'll need to sign up and subscribe to watch. In Japan, it's on Amazon Prime Video on December 28 at 1:00 AM JST.

As stated in our review of the season premiere, Chainsaw Man's first episode is razor-focused on Denji's origin and the circumstances that turn him into the titular Chainsaw Devil. The depressive state of his living situation and his laboring under the weight of immense debt is felt in the atmosphere alone, but the leading performance carries a lot of the weight as well.

Denji's casual tone is important to capture and Levy's performance is just as magnetic in such a short episode. The oppressive weight Denji carries is constant, his worries about money never cease and aren't allowed to cease. He's hardly allowed to dream, as he himself states. Despite that, he tends to take joy in little victories.

One of the most pleasant surprises was Lindsay Seidel as Pochita. Admittedly, all the memes joking about what Pochita would sound like in the dub built up the expectations, but the voice ended up being that right balance of cute and quirky. And frankly, it should sound a little funny, it being a chainsaw-shaped dog and all.

All in all, the first episode of the Chainsaw Man dub is worth the wait for those looking to check out the dub week by week. Ryan Colt Levy is an exceptional pick for Denji whose passion for the character is evident not just in the loudest moments, but the pregnant pauses between words and the listless reflections on his unfortunate life. Expect future weekly episode reviews of Chainsaw Man to comment on future episodes of the English Dub as they release.

Chainsaw Man is an anime television series based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The series, produced by MAPPA, was announced on December 14, 2020.[1][2] It adapts the first 38 chapters of the manga series.[3] The series is directed by Ryū Nakayama (director) and Masato Nakazono (chief episode director), with scripts by Hiroshi Seko, character designs by Kazutaka Sugiyama, and Devil designs by Kiyotaka Oshiyama. Tatsuya Yoshihara is serving as action director and Yūsuke Takeda is directing the art. Naomi Nakano is the color key artist and Yohei Miyahara is designing the screens. The music is composed by Kensuke Ushio.[4][5][6]

The series follows the story of Denji, an impoverished young man who makes a contract that fuses his body with that of a dog-like devil named Pochita, granting him the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. Denji eventually joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government agency focused on fighting against devils whenever they become a threat to Japan.

The series was broadcast on TV Tokyo and other networks from October 12 to December 28, 2022.[7][8][9][a] The opening theme song is "Kick Back" by Kenshi Yonezu, while each episode features a different ending theme song.[11][12][b] Crunchyroll has licensed the series outside of Asia, and began streaming an English dub on October 25, 2022.[14][15] Medialink licensed the series in Asia-Pacific.[16]

Chainsaw Man already debuted on the service in its original Japanese with subtitles on October 11, with the first two episodes currently available. The remaining ten episodes will be made available every Tuesday, with the English dub following suit with episodes dropping each week going forward.

Promised by Crunchyroll's chief content officer Asa Suehira to include "dark humour, dynamic characters and a sharp story", Chainsaw Man will also be as violent and gory as any anime about a chainsaw man could be.

In our 9/10 of the first episode (in Japanese), IGN said: "The Chainsaw Man premiere more than lives up to the manga's hype with some stunning and brutal action, gallows humour, an incredibly bleak story, and an endearing protagonist."

Chainsaw Man episode 8 had Himeno attempting to seduce Denji, only for our protagonist to remember Makima after finding a Chupa Chups lollipop in his pocket. He apologizes to Pochita, explaining how he wants to lose his virginity to Makima, and Makima only.

Akane uses the Snake Devil to kill the Ghost Devil. Katana Man tells her that the Fiend ran away, but she tells him that their target is Chainsaw's heart, so they don't need to go after her. A hand from the Ghost Devil then goes and pulls Denji's cord, revving his chainsaw. Denji turns into Chainsaw Man and guesses that they are bad guys, noting that he loves bad guys as when he kills them, no one is complaining. Denji then jumps and engages Katana Man in a fight.

Chainsaw Man is a 2022 anime series based on the manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It is produced by MAPPA and the English dub of the first episode premiered at New York Comic Con on October 7, 2022. Following this, the series premiered in Japan on October 11, 2022. The English dub of the series will premiere on Crunchyroll on October 25, 2022.

The Chainsaw Man anime has been one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2022 and it's finally become a reality. The first episode of Chainsaw Man, "Dog & Chainsaw," doesn't get very deep into the series' story, but there's still a lot to love in this outrageous premiere.

It's so much easier for an anime to stand out and appeal to newcomers if it has an adorable mascot that it can advertise everywhere. Chainsaw Man's Pochita is a bizarre dog-chainsaw hybrid who becomes Denji's partner in this impossible Chainsaw Devil adventure.

It's only been one episode so far, but the bond between Denji and Pochita is already such an appealing part of the series. They both need each other in different ways and Denji would unquestionably be lost without Pochita. Their connection is the true beating heart of Chainsaw Man and Pochita must be protected at all costs.

Audiences were thrilled to learn that MAPPA would produce Chainsaw Man and the first episode alone is already a visual extravaganza. The bloody setpieces, including Denji's death and rebirth, are stunning sights to behold.

There's so much that needs to get accomplished in a series premiere, and it's difficult for these introductory installments to not get completely consumed with exposition. "Dog & Chainsaw" is a patient series premiere, but it also accomplishes a lot and pulls off one major surprise that becomes the episode's centerpiece. Denji, the anime's main character, meets a brutal death by a horde of zombies.

Denji's horrific premature demise is a jarring sight for the first episode of Chainsaw Man, and it's somehow an ordeal that Denji is able to rise above. This sets an early precedent for how far these characters can be pushed and the level of punishment that Denji is set to endure.

The opening and ending numbers that bookend anime episodes are an art form in themselves, and they're creative ways to celebrate a series' characters and themes. Chainsaw Man's opening sequence is a chaotic burst of action and adrenaline that's set to Kenshi Yonezu's "Kick Back."

It's an especially strong way to begin each episode and get the audience in the proper mindset. Curiously, each episode of Chainsaw Man will feature a different end credits song, but the premiere goes out with Vaundy's "Chainsaw Blood." The rotating end themes are a good idea and "Chainsaw Blood" sets a high standard for subsequent endings to match.

Chainsaw Man makes some enlightening allusions that it's set in an alternate version of history where major wars might have played out differently. Details like this that flesh out the broader strokes of Chainsaw Man help give it its personality. It's highly encouraging that there have been glimpses of this as early as the anime's first episode. 041b061a72


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