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How To Buy An Air Hockey Table

Length of the table aside, there is another size factor you need to consider when purchasing an air hockey table: small puck or large puck. Air hockey tables designed for smaller 2 inch pucks have a fan that only creates enough pressure to lift small pucks while tables designed for large 3 inch pucks have a more powerful fan. Small puck air hockey tables are ideal for children or young teens. If the small pucks are hit too hard, however, they will fly off the table, so older players will likely prefer the large puck tables. Small puck tables are for more casual use, so they tend to be the most affordable option.

how to buy an air hockey table


Tables designed for large pucks have a more powerful motor, which allows for slightly larger, heavier pucks (3 inches wide). Large puck air hockey tables are ideal for teenage and adult players, as they tend to hit the pucks with more force. Large puck air hockey tables tend to be more expensive, but this is because they are built to last for years of play, even in a commercial establishment.

Because the rink walls face repeated impact when you play, look for ones made from high-density aluminum or nylon. Similarly, the playfield should be coated with a wear-resistant laminate to increase durability. A reliable air hockey motor should have the UL seal of approval to ensure it runs safely, and if it has a Plenum chamber, you can rest assured that it will distribute an even flow of air across the table.

Lastly, check that the legs are constructed from solid wood or steel; this is what your air hockey table will need to have adequate support for long-term use. Choosing a model with leg levelers also helps ensure you can maintain a level playfield no matter where you place the game table.

A common feature for air hockey tables is an overhead lighting and scoring unit. This allows you to play in dimly lit rooms and gives the whole table an elevated appearance. Often this includes special features like black lighting as well, which can make your paddles and pucks glow in the dark! Other tables light up from underneath, and some even come with pucks and paddles that light up individually for even more epic play.

The best air hockey table overall is the EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Pro Indoor Air Hockey Table. We like the digital scoring system, LEDs, and sound effects, plus the price is reasonable for a full-size design. For something a little easier on your bank account, get the MD Sports 54-inch Air Hockey Game Table (view at Walmart), which boasts an all-ages tabletop design and a digital scoreboard.

Air hockey tables vary in length depending on the intended use. Commonly, air hockey tables are around six feet in length to accommodate older kids and even adults. An all-adult household may choose a large option between seven and eight feet long. Portable and child-size air hockey tables begin at just four feet in length. It depends on your family and their ages and skill levels.

Again, this will vary depending on your needs and your budget. As long as your air hockey table accommodates the ages and skill levels of your family, it is a great pick. You want a table that matches your lifestyle. If you have a bit more to spend, invest in a higher-quality pick that will last for years. For young kids, maybe opt for something smaller and portable for traveling on the go.

Ideal for an exciting one-on-one competition with your friends and family. Each set comes with everything you need for quick assembly and intense hockey games. The specially coated playing surface helps to provide faster puck action. Includes all of the accessories needed to play. The premium blower fan provides maximum airflow across the entire playing surface. The high gloss playfield will hold up to even the most intense games, and the oversized 5-inch leg levelers help to ensure a perfectly level playing surface.

From the patio to the playroom, the Triumph Popup Folding Air Powered Hockey Table provides pool anytime, anywhere. The most striking aspect of this table is its sleek carbon fiber top rail with blue ABS bevel edge trim accents, adding a modern take on the classic game and ensuring it looks good with any surroundings.

This fully LED illuminated air-powdered hockey table will be the centerpiece of any game room with in-rail LED lighting, cascading effects, and in-game music. The table features a contemporary design with LED illuminated exterior legs and LED electronic scoring to keep track of the goals scored. The large blower motor fan provides faster gameplay paired with the blue playfield for the true arcade experience.

Hall of Games Charleston air-powered hockey table is ideal for exciting one-on-one competition with your friends and family. The premium blower fan provides maximum airflow across the entire playing surface. The table comes with everything you need to play, just set up and get ready for some intense hockey games.

Enjoy the action-packed fun of the arcade in your own home with this product. This classic arcade-style air hockey table features a 120V motor for maximum airflow creating consistent puck action. Play in the dark as the LED Lumen-X technology illuminates the table with red, green, and blue multicolor light effects while listening to high-tempo music for added intensity. These interactive lights change colors during gameplay when each player scores a goal, taking the competition to another level. The fast-moving gameplay with the LED puck and LED pushers is a game-changing air hockey experience you don't want to miss. 4 large legs create a stable, sturdy playing surface for premium performance. The Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table includes LED accessories for exciting play in the dark. Try them all for hours of fun with family and friends.

We carry the very best brand in air hockey tables and stand behind their quality for your home, recreation center, or business. We carry home tables, tournament tables, handcrafted tables, arcade tables, coin-op tables, waterproof tables, small tables and some really unique styles of air hockey tables as well for adults and kids alike. From 5 years to 99+ these air hockey tables are designed with the best engineering and functionality all at the guaranteed lowest price and free US shipping.

The Plank and Hide Hamilton 7' Air Hockey Table is designed for upscale residential customers looking for showpiece quality and near commercial durability. The Hamilton air hockey features a Weathered Grey finish on solid and veneer Ash to match the entire Plank and Hide Hamilton game room suite of furniture. The commercial quality 110 volt blower motor floats the regulation size pucks effortlessly across the heavy duty black laminate play surface without dead spots or slowing during play. A brass abacus scorer is inlayed in the play surface so you can add a regulation size 9' ping pong conversion top to the table and get two games in one! For availability please call 301-331-7024, email, or visit a Robbies Billiards showroom today.

Get our free, 23-page Pool Table Buyers Guide. It covers room and table sizing, budget considerations, warranties, things to look for when buying a used table, and current trends in pool table design.

To improve gameplay, the sides of the table must be stiffer. Stiffer sides should give a better bounce. Maybe a rubber bumper, similar to the bumpers on pool tables would also help with the bounce. Pucks and strikers must be perfect circles to work well, so a builder could use a circle cutting jig to improve results.

With this table top air hockey from Playcraft Sport you can take the action with you! Set up in seconds wherever you want to play. Standard game is 40" L x 20" W x 8" H or have the option to convert to a free standing 26" high table with the extra leg set. Made from sturdy mdf and includes 2 pushers and 2 pucks. CE certified and ul approved motor plugs into standard outlet. Comes with 90 day warranty.

This space-saving 40-inch-long air hockey table will be a win for your wallet and your game. The tabletop version still offers a high-powered fan that creates an arcade style game, with quiet and even airflow and a smooth and frictionless surface. There are also two manual sliding abacus scorers on each end.

Here's an option that does double-duty and quickly converts from an electric air hockey table to a ping-pong table. The air hockey table features powerful fans, a smooth playing service, an LED scoring system, sound effects, and push-button controls.

There are 4-inch levelers at the base and hockey accessories include two pushers and three pucks. The ping-pong surface comes with a net and posts, two balls, and two paddles. Not a bad deal, considering all the package includes.

The table includes arcade sound effects and an LED scorekeeper inlaid along the edge of the table, which is mounted on sturdy manufactured wooden legs, with metal crossbars for extra stability. It comes with four pushers and four pucks.

The table is made of wood veneer, with a polycarbonate playing service, and features two upholstered storage benches that tuck underneath during play, plus you can stash the included ping-pong paddles, pucks, and strikers inside.

Do you love the game of air hockey? The sound of pucks bouncing off the table edge, the slap of a mallet, the rattle and clink of a successful shot on goal? If so, then you know that there's nothing quite like playing a game on an arcade style air hockey table. These tables are built for serious players, and they provide an incredibly realistic and satisfying gaming experience. If you're looking at buying a high quality arcade style or commercial air hockey table, this is the guide for you. Here, we'll dive deep about arcade style air hockey tables and why you might want to buy one. We'll also provide some tips on how to choose the right table for your home game room. So without further ado, let's get started! 041b061a72


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